One Piece: Shanks’ Lineage Explained!

One Piece Film: RED revealed that Shanks’ surname.

ONE PIECE © 1997 by Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA Inc.

Since the start of the series, Shanks’ lineage has been a mystery.

And, as one piece is moving towards its final phase, Oda has begun giving us more and more information about his lineage.

In this article, we will tell you all that is known about the ‘Red Hair’ Shanks’ lineage. So buckle up, and let’s start.

Shanks’ Mysterious Birth

38 years ago, at the God Valley, Celestial Dragons were holding their version of the Hunger Games when the strongest pirate of the era attacked them.

As the Rocks Pirates attacked God Valley, Roger also joined the battle field.

In this fight, the current King of Pirates, Gol D. Roger, joined hands with Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp of the Marines and defeated Rocks D. Xebec and his pirate crew.

In the aftermath of the battle, Roger and his crew found a chest and opened it with the anticipation of getting gold and jewels.

However, when they opened the chest, they didn’t just find gold, silver, or jewels but there was also a Red-haired baby, Shanks!


Roger took this baby with him and made him a member of the Roger Pirates. Years after Roger’s execution, Shanks became one of the four Emperors of the Sea.

Now, if he was found in God Valley, where celestial dragons were holding an event, then is he also a celestial dragon?

Is Shanks A Celestial Dragon?

With One Piece Film: RED Oda answered this question.

The movie reveals that Shanks’ surname is Figarland! This means that he is not just an average pirate; he is a celestial dragon!

Figarlands are not just any celestial dragon; they are warrior classes that act as Holy Knights of the Celetials.

Furthermore, he might also be the son of the current head of the Holy Knights, Saint Figarland Garling, who was also present at the celestial hunger games 38 years ago.

Especially after Chapter 1095, where we saw how Figarland Garling looked when he was young. His striking resemblance to Shanks is undeniable.


According to the discussion between Goda and the ABD team, we believe that Shanks’ mother was neither a noble nor a celestial dragon.

The celestial dragons have this practice of abducting strong-willed females for the purpose of birthing powerful heirs and soilders.

Ginny was also a victim of this practice, after which she gave birth to Bonney. Shanks’ mother’s case might have been the same.

However, strong-willed women get more strong-willed when they want to protect their kids.

Similar to how Ginny escaped from celestial dragons, Shanks’ mother may have seen the opportunity in the chaos brought by Rocks and Roger pirates and hid Shanks in the treasure box.

She wished for her son to find freedom and not be bound by the celestial dragons.

Roger also wasn’t naive and had realized that Shanks was the son of the celestial dragons.

However, he also understood Shanks’ mother’s will and saw him as the future bridge between nobles and the rest of the world.

This is why Roger took Shanks in an attempt for this kid to learn that all life has value and raise him with the mentality of peace and understanding.