One Piece: Monkey D. Dragon’s Revolutionary Army Explained

Hence, in this article, we’re going to take a look at the Revolutionary Army! 

One Piece

First introduced in chapter 100 of the manga, the Revolutionary Army remained to be an enigmatic force in the world of One Piece until recently, as they’ve been taking bigger steps!

Hence, in this article, we’re going to take a look at the Revolutionary Army!

When Was The Revolutionary Army Formed?

More than 22 years ago, Monkey D. Dragon was the captain of a group called the Freedom Fighters, a military force that fought against the World Government.

ohara incident one piece

However, they weren’t doing well due to extremely low funding. However, Dragon did have good connections with people like Dr. Vegapunk and Professor Clover from Ohara.

He had asked Dr. Vegapunk to join his freedom fighters too, but was refused due to the lack of budget for experimentation.

When then the news of the Ohara incident broke out, Dragon rushed to the island, only to find out about the horrifying acts committed towards the people of Ohara.

Dragon wanted to help people, and for that, he left his group and started looking for the right people.

Eventually, he met Emporio Ivankov and Bartholomew Kuma and he started the Revolutionary Army with them.

What is the Goal of Monkey D. Dragon’s Revolutionary Army?

The Revolutionary Army focuses on fighting against the World Government’s tyranny and oppression.


Koala, an army officer stated that the army wants to overthrow the World Nobles and set up a new and just system.

So far, the Revolutionary Army has liberated numerous islands and freed slaves from the Nobles.

During the recent events of the manga, they managed to free Kuma from the levely and take him to their base.

The Revolutionary Army also encourages people to defend their own rights by engaging in conflict with either the authorities or pirates.

If the World Government or any of its affiliates are in disarray, then these small revolutions are made easier.

The hoarding of weaponry by the Revolutionary Army, an independent militia, is another goal to increase its military prowess.

They’re currently trying to find their footing as they are trying to launch a huge operation!