One Piece: Kizaru’s Devil Fruit Powers Explained!

Kizaru’s devil fruit makes him the fastest character in the series.

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Being one of the three Admirals, Kizaru is a part of the greatest military power. And his Devil Fruit all but reflects that, no pun intended. With a flashy yet utmost deadly ability, he remains one of the most powerful people on the planet.

Let’s go over everything that Kizaru is able to do with his powers.

Pika Pika no Mi (Glint-Glint Fruit)

In case you are unaware of what devil fruits are in One Piece, here’s a quick rundown. In One Piece, Devil Fruits serve as the main power system, bestowing unique abilities upon whoever eats them first.

You can put the fruit you eat in one of three categories depending on the type of power.

Just like the other original trio of admirals in Aokiji and Akainu, Kizaru bears an incredibly potent Logia Devil Fruit meaning he becomes intangible and turns into a natural element.

He wields the Pika Pika no mi (Glint-Glint fruit), granting him the power to transform into and control light.

Kizaru One Piece

This Devil Fruit grants its user the best mobility in the series allowing for instant travel across vast distances. The fruit not only enhances speed but also imbues Kizaru’s kicks with instant acceleration for some deadly attacks.

And if his elite close-range combat was not enough he can fire off lasers.

Vegapunk, a genius centuries ahead, based all laser technology in the Pacifistas and Seraphim on these energy beams. The energy beams are also used by none other than the Straw Hat’s shipwright, Franky.

Lastly, a light-based Devil Fruit has the unsurprising ability to blind people. This is great for strategic purposes and works well with everything else his fruit can do.

All the bases that a combatant like Kizaru has to worry about are nonexistent. He can close gaps, excel in close combat, employ strategic abilities, and even dominate from afar.

Kizaru does not even need to worry about a Devil Fruit’s biggest weakness. The risk of falling into the sea does not exist when he can essentially fly away from it.

But no Devil Fruit user is complete with just their power. The creative applications of the powers are what make even mediocre abilities strong.


The admiral is no stranger to using a wide variety of abilities. Everything in his arsenal is built to complement either his fighting style or other abilities.

Yata no Kagami: Kizaru creates a laser, bounces it off surfaces multiple times, and then transforms into the light to reach their desired location.

This technique supplements the fruit’s biggest weakness, and that is control. Being able to view your trajectory and controlling it from a distance makes it less hectic to use.

Amaterasu: By simply pointing two of his fingers, Kizaru is able to blind enemies with this technique.

To be able to stagger opponents who already have trouble reacting to Kizaru’s speed is a powerful tool.

Ama no Murakumo: Using his light, Kizaru is able to manifest and solidify a blade made from his own fruit power.
This is arguably the coolest ability he has, able to wield his light as a literal weapon.

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Yasakani no Magatama: With this technique, Kizaru launches a big volley of deadly light particles able to deal big damage across either a wide area or against a single target.

Kizaru Vs Big Mom : r/OnePiece

Its most recent variant however allows these particles to all form into solid holographic clones which are all able to deal damage.

This variant is probably the strongest Logia ability we have seen because if fighting a single admiral was already bad enough, you now have to fight who knows how many.

Aside from granting Kizaru the fastest speed in the series, it also grants the admiral well-rounded abilities. With no apparent weaknesses and exceptional combat prowess proves that Borsalino’s title is well deserved.