One Piece: Kaido’s Devil Fruit Explained

Kaido’s devil fruit allows him to transform into an Eastern-style dragon called Azure Dragon.

Kaido devil fruit FI
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Kaido, formerly one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, holds overwhelming power and is renowned as the world’s “Strongest Creature”.

He ruled over the Wano Kingdom in the New World and was also a member of the Rocks Pirates.

Although he was stupidly strong without a devil fruit, he became even stronger after eating his devil fruit.

His devil fruit is revered as one of the strongest devil fruits. Kaido devil fruit is the Mythical Zoan-type Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu, aka Fish-Fish Fruit, Model: Azure Dragon in English.

This fruit was so special that Vegapunk even tried to replicate it, which was later mistakenly eaten by Momonosuke.

Let’s go over everything that Kaido is able to do with his Devil Fruit powers.

Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu

Kaido’s devil fruit is spherical and slightly oblong in shape and resembles a pinecone. Its exterior gives the appearance of overlapping blue scales.

Each scale has a small dark-blue oval in the middle. At the top, the fruit has orange leaves and two identical stems, one purple and the other light pink.

Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu, allows Kaido to transform into an Eastern-style dragon called Azure Dragon.


Similar to every Zoan type, he can also transform into a human-beast hybrid.

In normal form, apart from scales, he gains dragon features like horns (four of them!), sharp fangs, and limbs with clawed hands and feet.

When Kaido transforms into a dragon, he grows to a size comparable to a small towen. This makes his transformation the largest Zoan transformation yet!

In his human-beast hybrid form, he looks similar to his human form but is much larger, with scales covering his arms, outer torso, back, and legs.

The scales can also be seen on all six horns.

Kaiso has also showcased an alternate form of his hybrid form.

In this alternate form, he gets bulkier and gains a full set of fangs, a wider nose, and eyebrows that resemble his full-beast form.

The anime also gives his scale a darker and more vibrant blue color in his alternate hybrid form.

The way one uses their devil fruit makes a big difference. With creative application of their power, one can make even a mediocre ability look lengedary.

So, let’s discuss the way Kaido has used the powers of his devil fruit power.


Bolo Breath: Heat breath in English, is Kaido’s signature attack.


He gathers fire inside his mouth and shoots it out into a huge blast towards his target.

The blast travels at extremely high speed and can instantly pulverize large structures, leaving the surrounding terrain scorched and in bits.

Kaifu: In this, Kaido blows numerous strong, powerful, cresent-shaped wind blades capable of cutting through solid stone.
Kaido Kaifu

This technique was first shown during his fight against the Nine Red Scabbards on the roof of Onigashima’s Skull Dome.

It severed Kikunojo’s left arm. Kaido can also use this technique in his human form, where he swongs his Hassaikai at great speed to generate vertical cresecent-shaped baldes.

Tatsumaki: It is also known as Dragon Twister in Viz and Funimation’s translations. Kaido spins his serpentine body into a coil as he summons several tornadoes around him.


The spped is so high that it can pull people with Kaido’s range in midair, where he chops his opponent down.

Kaido used this technique against defenseless Luffy to capture him, but Zoro was able to neutralize it with his own Dragon Twister, Kokujo: O Tatsumaki.

He is also able to combine Tatsumaki and Kaifu. This makes the cresent-shaped baldes fly more unpredictably in various directions.

Kaen Daiko: Kaido produces a large amount of flames from his mouth, which cover his entire body and take on his body’s dragon shape.


The flame dragon formed easily makes Kaido’s already large dragon body look small, as it rivals the Onigamshima in size.

The flames are so hot that just by a light bursh from the flames, Onigashima’s remaining horn melted nearly instantly.

This makes Kaido completely untouchable.

Flaming Clouds: Kaido can produce special clouds resembling those of flames. These clouds can make anything they touch levitate.

kaido-flamming clouds

Using this, Kaido was not only able to keep himself but also the entirety of Onigashima afloat.

As Kaido reaches his limit, the flame clouds will also keep getting weaker. And would disappear if Kaido loses consciousness.