One Piece: Is Eustass Kid Dead?

After the event of Chapter 1079, everyone wants to know if the captain of Victoria Punk is still breathing or not.

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In chapter 1079, the most destructive of The Eleven Supernovas, Eusatass “Captain” Kid get one shot by the Emperor of the Sea. How did this happen? Is he alive, or has he Ace-d away?

The answer to that is a bit complicated. So read this article to find out.


First introduced in One Piece chapter 498, he instantly grabbed the reader’s attention as he was said to have a bounty of 315,000,000 berries. A bounty even larger than Luffy’s, despite both being of the Worst Generation and even after Straw Hat’s feat at Enies Lobby.

His destructive abilities were later shown in Chapter 505 against the Marines who came to the Celestial Dragon’s rescue.

Later, during the course of two years, when Luffy and his crew were honing themselves. Kid challenged two of the emperors of the sea, Shanks and Big Mom. He later defeated Big Mom in his second encounter at Onigashima during the Wano Arc.

The kid then went on to create an alliance with Apoo and Hawkins’ crew and later got captured by Kaido.

One of the Emperors vs. One of the Eleven Supernovas


During the Wano Arc, Eustass Kid showed amazing growth and development. He fought Kaido alongside Luffy and Law, and then later fought Big Mom, whom he defeated.

Due to this feat, his bounty after Wano Arc shot up from 470,000,000 to 3,000,000,000 berries. This is the largest jump in the bounty a pirate has ever had.

After Wano Arc, discussion with Killer on their next move, they decide to go to Elbaf. This is because Kid is in search of “the man marked with flames,” who is said to have a red poneglyph. Eustass and Killer believe that the said man is a Gaint who escaped from Ohara, hence moving towards Elbaf.

When they reach Elbaf, unfortunately for them, Shanks is already on the island. In his previous encounter with Red Hair pirates, Kid had not even met Shanks before he got his left arm severed.

As the Kid Pirates approach Elbaf, Shanks sends a warning to the pirate crew, stating, “Do you want to fight me here and now… or leave your road ponegliff and flee?”

Even after this warning, Kid challenges the Emperor, and his confidence is not out of nowhere. He fought Kaido and Big Mom. He even succeeded in defeating Big Mom, another Emperor of the Sea, just like Shanks.

Chapter 1079 perfectly shows what would have happened if Shanks, like Big Mom, had not taken Eustass Kid seriously. When Shanks used his advanced colour of observation Haki to see the possible future, he see that Kid will use his Cannon “Damned Punk” and if not stopped would annihilate all of his captains’ ships.

KId's True power

This is why Shanks jumped in, moved at impossible speed, and destroyed Eustass with ‘Divine Departure.” After which Dorry Brogy destroyed Victory Punk, resulting in the defeat of Kid Pirates at the hands of Red Head Pirates.

Following this, we see all of Kid’s crew underwater.

Is Eustass ‘Captain” Kid Dead Now?



Well, as far as Kid’s current status is concerned, Oda has not given any information on that. Many believed that this was the end for Kid, as after his ship got destroyed, he must be in the sea, which is Krypnoite for the devil fruit users.

Though drowning in the sea does not always mean death for devil fruit users. We have seen some examples of devil fruit users drowning in the sea.

During their entry into Wano, both Luffy and Big Mom drowned but survived.

Also in chapter 1081, we see the result of Blackbeard vs. Law. Heart Pirates gets defeated and their submarine is destroyed.

After the defeat, Law is in very bad shape. At that time, Bepo goes into Sulong form and rescues Law through the sea to save his life. Another thing to note is that in One Piece, if the character is not shown dead, then there is a high possibility of them surviving!

Similar to how we thought that Sabo was killed in the Kingdom of Lulusia. However, in chapter 1082 we see him alive. So, there is still a possibility of the Kid’s survival.

So to all Eustass Kid fans, don’t lose hope; he may still be alive and may come back stronger than before!