One Piece: How Strong Is Zoro’s New King of Hell: Three Sword Style Explained

Zoro has ascended to a new level with his new King of Hell: Three Sword Style.

Zoro's New King of Hell: Three Sword Style Explained
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Being one of the strongest swordsmen in One Piece, Roronoa Zoro has made a name for himself in recent years.

However, it is only now, during the Wano arc that he has realized his true potential.

After a grueling battle against Kaido and then the All-Star King, Zoro has ascended to a new level with his new King of Hell: Three Sword Style.

Let’s take a look at this new power-up in detail!

How Did Zoro Awaken The King Of Hell Three Sword Style?

After receiving Oden’s Enma for returning the Shusui, it seemed like Zoro had struck gold. However, there was one problem.

Described as the blade that pierces hell itself, Enma is an extremely strong sword with a major setback.

The sword sucks on the user’s Haki intensely, to the point that it sucks them dry.

zoro enma sword

Zoro himself faced issues with the sword in the beginning but found his ground.

During the battle on the rooftop of Onigashima, Zoro even managed to impress Kaido. After all, there aren’t many apart from Kozuki Oden who can wield the sword well.

In fact, Zoro even shocked Kaido by slashing the Emperor by subconsciously channeling Conquerer’s Haki through the blade.

While he was defeated by Kaido, he still had a major role to play as Luffy’s left hand.

Zoro then took on All-Star King, Kaido’s strongest subordinate.

This fight was not easy either. It was tough for Zoro to control Enma’s Haki consumption while dealing destructive blows.

After facing a few setbacks during the fight, Zoro decided to fight in the true Straw Hats fashion: risking it all.

The swordsman decided to let Enma suck on as much Haki as it needed, making him stronger.

This strength boost was no joke either, as Zoro could go toe-to-toe against King! Still, this was a scary move as Enma could kill him in just a few minutes.

How Strong Is The King Of Hell Three Sword Style?

Zoro’s new King of Hell Three Sword Style is essentially the same as his previous techniques, but used with Enma.

Enma here makes a world of a difference, as it ascends all of Zoro’s attacks to a whole new level by imbuing his Armanent and Conqueror’s Haki into the atacks.

one piece zoro three sword style

Before, it was that King could take all of Zoro’s attacks without needing to actively defend against them. However, this new power-up forced him to block all of Zoro’s attacks, showing the massive difference in strength.

Furthemore, Zoro was still; chipping away on King’s armor and dealing significant damage in the process. During the finale of the battle, Zoro used the “King of Hell Three Sword Serpent: 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation” to easily cut through King’s strongest attack and defeat him in a single blow.

With this, Zoro was able to defeat a man with a 1.390 billion berries bounty on his head with his a single blow!

While Zoro can’t defeat an emperor just yet, he has proved himself to be worthy of an all-out battle!