One Piece Chapter 1098: Bonny’s Past Explained!

In the chapter, we see that Ginny has been kidnapped by the Celestial Dragons

bonney one piece chapter 1098
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One Piece chapter 1098 is here, and it was shocking to the fans, but in a different way.

The chapter reveals more details about Bonney’s birth, and her connection to Kuma and Ginny.

In the chapter, we see that Ginny has been kidnapped by the Celestial Dragons, and is being taken away to become the bride of one of them.

Since then, the Revolutionary Army and Kuma have worked tirelessly to reach her, while keeping their ongoing missions, liberating islands around the world.

After nearly two years, Ginny finally makes a call. However, it isn’t all sunshine, as she reveals that she’s going to die very soon.

She wanted to meet them all, but her body was falling apart. Kuma didn’t even listen to all of it, and rushed back hoOne Piece chapter 1098 is here, and it was shocking to the fans, but in a different, where he found her.

Her body is blue, and her skin is growing stones out of it, and she’s already gone.

Kuma can do nothing but cry his eyes out as he holds her, regretting that he didn’t marry her when she was with him.

Ginny used everything left in her to cross the ocean to make it back home, so that her baby could be safe.

Yeah, what you’re thinking is true. Ginny was forced to have a baby with the Celestial Dragon.

Kuma vows to raise her well, even though he realizes who she is. This is because, of course, it is not the baby’s fault, and it is Ginny’s last wish.


Kuma is the big, soft father that we all adore. He’s extremely gentle with Bonny, and cried his eyes out when she called him “daddy” for the first time, or when she took her first steps.

He was still performing his duties, of course, fighting to protect freedom, while trying his best to be a good father.

Suddenly, Kuma brought her into the church and locked all doors. Turns out, Bonny had grown a blue stone on her left cheek as well.

No doctor could figure out what was happening, and things were looking grim. Hence, Kuma decided to quit the Revolutionary Army to take care of Bonney.

Dragon also used his contacts to find the best doctor for Bonney. Till then, she was a lively child but was only allowed to live inside of the church.

She beat up two kids who were making fun of her, and threatened that she’s coming after them. This worried Kuma, even though it was a joke.

The topic swiftly changed, and Kuma talked about where Bonney would like to go when he’s 20. She replied that she’d like to go to Skypiea, and to Fishman Island for her 19th birthday.

A doctor finally realizes that Bonney has “Sapphire Scale”, an incurable disease.

He states that Bonney will likely die by the time she’s 10. As Kuma sobbed out of the room, it got worse as he realized that Bonney heard all of it.

Gladly, she doesn’t truly realize it, and ends up believing that she’ll be cured by the time she’s 10.


Then, we see that King Becori has returned to claim the Kingdom of Sorbet, and the chapter ends with Kuma receiving the shocking news.

This chapter serves as a reminder that Celestial Dragons are the worst people in the One Piece universe, and how they have tarnished the lives of people on every level imaginable.