One Piece: Bonney’s Nika Powers Explained

Bonney’s Distortion Future technique is the reason behind her Gear 3 look.

(FanArt) Jewelry Bonney by newgate-arts on Devian Art

The One Piece chapter 1101 arrived yesterday, and it made everyone confused.

In the chapter, Bonney attacks CP agent Alpha by enlarging her arm and punching Alpha. Sounds familliar?

It’s Luffy’s Gear 3! Bonney used something like Luffy’s Gum-Gum no Gigant Pistol attack!

How is this possible? Does she have Luffy’s devil fruit clone, or is it something we all forgot about her devil fruit?

In this article, we will share what Bonney did.

Bonney’s Devil Fruit

Bonney ate Toshi Toshi no Mi, which is a paramecia-type devil fruit. It grants her the ability to manipulate her or anyone else’s age.

She can turn herself into an old woman like Queen Conney of the Sorbet Kingdom or into a young child.

We see her disguising herself as Zoro’s little sister using the same method in front of Charlos in the Sabaody Archipelago.

During battle, we often see her affecting her opponent’s age, like turning Vegapunk into a child or turning the marines into old geezers.


However, her powers are not this simple. She can also tap into one’s alternate future and use it against herself or others.

She can imagine an alternate future where it might provide her with an advantage.

This technique is called Distortion Future and is the reason behind her Gear 3 look. This is also not the first time she has used it.

We first saw this in chapter 1064, where she turned Luffy into an old man.


This Granpa look of Luffy was similar to what Luffy would have become if he never got One Piece. How do we know that?

Oda shared that in an SBS. He shared two possible futures for Luffy. One where everything went great, and second something wrong happened.


In this bad future, Luffy looks nothing like his father and resembles a lot like what Bonney showed us.

Later in chapter 1072, Bonney applied Distortion Future to herself, and we saw something similar to what we see in chapter 1101.

Bonney increased her size, looking a lot like Young Kuma. She gained a round and big body, with immense strength like a Buccaneer.

However, in Chapter 1101, the power gained was somewhat different, as in this scene, she imagined a future where Bonney had Nika’s power.

This is how she used Luffy’s Gear 3 in the latest chapter. We hope you learned from this article and that it helped you better understand One Piece Chapter 1101.