Jujutsu Kaisen: Who is Mei Mei? Her Cursed Technique Explained

Money is the most important thing to her.

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The mysterious and charming Jujutsu sorcerer, Mei Mei, made her debut in chapter 40 during the Kyoto Sister School Goodwill Event arc.

In season 2, second cour, we see her accompanying Yuji as she is in charge of his semi-grade 1 performance examination.

Mei Mei’s cursed technique is called Black Bird Manipulation.

Although her cursed technique is relatively weak, she was able to become a grade 1 sorcerer.

In this article, we will see what she did to reach grade 1 with such a cursed technique.

To know that, we first need to know who Mei Mei is.

Who Is Mei Mei?

Mei Mei is a grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer who works independently. She is also the older sister of Ui Ui and the senpai of Satoru Gojo, Suguru Geto, and Shoko Ieiri.

She usually appears in long blue-tinted silver hairs styled in two braids, with one covering a part of her face and one behind her head.

The beautiful sorcerer is a very calm and relaxed woman who can keep her cool in any situation.

While she is kind and honest, she is very open regarding her greed for money. Money is the most important thing to her.

This is evident, as she considers herself to always be on the side of money. You can’t even get her out of bed for free.

The internal politics of Jujutsu society and allegiances do not matter to her as long as she gets paid for being a sorcerer.

She is so money-minded that she cannot understand relationships not based on money.

Mei Mei sees anyone’s life’s value in proportion to how useful they are to her. Service potential is life itself for Mei Mei.

Mei Mei Service potential

She defeated a cursed user because he was a murderer who took lives but didn’t understand their value.

In her eyes, the cursed user had no serviceable potential, and thus, she didn’t hesitate to end his life.

Now that we understand her, let’s see what her cursed technique, Black Bird Manipulation, is.

Mei Mei’s Cursed Technique: Black Bird Manipulation

As mentioned before, Mei Mei’s cursed technique is Black Bird Manipulation. Her innate technique grants her the ability to control crows.

Upon imbuing her cursed energy into the crows, Mei Mei gains full control over them.

Furthermore, she can also share vision with crows, making it perfect for reconnaissance and surveillance.

As this technique does not have any fighting capability, Mei Mei focused on training her physical body and using cursed energy to enhance it.

She believed that she was born with a weak innate technique and thus worked herself to her physical limit, mastering close-quarter combat.

Thanks to her training, she was able to effortlessly defeat Niji Ebina, a cursed user said to be as strong as a semi-grade 1, without using her cursed technique.

Even this was still not enough, as her physical body can’t keep improving forever, and this realization crushed her. It was also due to this realization that Mei Mei was able to work on her cursed technique and create her ultimate technique.

With this, she was able to become the type of sorcerer she is now. Even the strongest sorcerer of the modern era, Gojo Satoru, considered her to be strong.

Mei Mei calls this technique, Bird Strike, the true value of her innate technique.


Using a binding vow on a bird, its cursed energy is increased, exceeding the limits of the typically weak bird, in return for forcing the bird to commit suicide.

With the enhanced level of cursed energy, the crow hurls itself at the enemy, killing or exorcising them in a single hit.

Mei Mei first showed this technique in Chapter 102 against the special-grade cursed spirit, Smallpox Deity.

No one other than Gojo Satoru has ever survived this attack, and the special-grade cursed spirit was not an exception.


Mei Mei’s cursed technique allows her to manipulate crows and share their vision with her.

Initially, this technique had no offensive capabilities, and thus, Mei Mei focused on her physical strength.

She became so strong that she could dispatch even a semi-grade 1 sorcerer effortlessly, but that was her limit.

Mei Mei realized her limits and focused back on her cursed spirit.

This allowed her to bring up the true potential of her innate cursed technique and create a technique strong enough to kill a special-grade cursed spirit in a single hit.