Jujutsu Kaisen: Simple Domain Explained

During the Heian Era, Sadatsuna Ashiya created the ‘domain for the weak,’ also known as the simple domain.

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In Jujutsu Kaisen, a Jujutsu sorcerer’s pinnacle is their Domain Expansion. A technique that improves the user’s cursed techniques, and any techniques that are activated, receive a 100% hit guarantee.

One way to avoid it is by creating your own domain expansion. During a clash of domains, one that has more cursed energy or is the most refined will stay, and the other will break.

Unfortunately, most sorcerers are not capable of domain expansion. So many use a technique called ‘simple domain’ to counter it.

So what exactly is a simple domain, and who does it protect from domain expansion? We will learn all about that in this article, so let’s dive into it.

What Is A Simple Domain?

During the Heian Era, Sadatsuna Ashiya wanted to provide his followers with a means to protect themselves from domain expansion.

To achieve this, he created the ‘domain for the weak,’ also known as the simple domain. The prototype, or primitive person, was called a hollow wicker basket.

Originally, this technique was only passed down through the Ashiya family and was forbidden to spread to outsiders.

However, as time changed, several sorcerers in the modern era used it even if they were not related to any Jujutsu family.

Aoi Todo, even though he did not come from a Jujutsu family, was taught the Simple Domain by Yuki.

The simple domain is an anti-domain technique that creates a small region around the user, and similar to domain expansion, it cancels out any and all techniques that get cast within its radius.

simple domain

However, unlike domain expansion, one does not imbue it with their innate cursed technique.

Another thing to note is that after casting a simple domain, one’s feet must constantly be planted on the ground, or else the technique will break.

During the Goodwill Event when Miwa Kasumi used a simple domain against Maki Zenin during the domain break right after both of the feet leave their original position.

The simple domain is primarily a defensive technique but can also be used offensively as shown by Miwa and Kusakabe by using New Shadow Style swordsman techniques.

Simple Domain (Offensive Usage)

Simple Domain is imbued with a cursed technique, and thus the user cannot use their cursed technique within it.

Use New Shadow Style, one uses a simple domain by using an about countering technique.

The way it works is that anyone who enters the domain will be immediately intercepted automatically by the sword drawing technique.

Atsuya Kusakabe became a grade 1 sorcerer despite not having any innate cursed technique because of his proficiency in utilizing simple domains.

He uses the New Shadow Style technique to cut down enemies by employing different drawing-type attacks.

Kasakabe_using_domain expansion

He was also capable of neutralizing Maximum: Uzumaki, activated by Kenjaku during the end of the Shibuya arc. Showing the high degree of skill he possesses.

Something that many forget is that simple domains are weak domains and thus work great for normal domain expansion, but against stronger domain expansion like Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine, they do not last very long.

One major drawback with a simple domain is the restriction in movement. While the simple domain is active, the user cannot move their legs or else the technique breaks.

To combat this domain amplification,

What Is Domain Amplification?

Domain amplification is an advanced technique of simple domain.

In this technique, the user creates a barrier around them, like an aura around the body, but does not imbue it with any cursed technique.

Gojo explained domain amplification as, if simple barriers box their target, then in domain amplification surround them with water that emulates the feeling of pushing back against a domain.

Gojo explaining Domain amplification_

This provided the cursed technique of nullification of the simple domain and also provided freedom of movement, unlike the simple domain. However, the accuracy of attacks also takes a dip.

Similar to the simple domain, one cannot use their cursed technique.

Another drawback of domain amplification is that it can be countered by strengthening one’s own technique to overwhelm it.

During the Gojo vs. Hanami and Jogo fight in Shibuya, Gojo encounters the domain amplification by strengthening, which is limitless.

This breaks Hanami’s domain amplification, after which Gojo exorcises the cursed spirit.


Simple Domain is an anti-barrier technique that creates a region around the sorcerer and is not imbued with any cursed technique. Inside the range of the simple domain, any and all cursed techniques are neutralised.

This technique was created during the Heian Era by Sadatsuna Ashiya to counter domain expansion. As the simple domain can neutralize all cursed techniques, they also nullify the sure-hit effects of domain expansion.

When one casts a simple domain, the sorcerer cannot move their legs from their initial position, or else the domain will break.

Simple domain, when combined with the New Shadow Style technique, can also be used offensively despite being a defensive technique at its core.

Domain Amplification is an advanced version of a simple domain created to tackle the movement restrictions of a simple domain.

In this technique, sorcerers cover their own bodies with a barrier technique and, similar to the simple domain, do not imbue them with a cursed technique.

This allows it to neutralize an opponent’s cursed technique while also providing freedom of movement to the user.

With this, you must have understood the simple domain and its derivative domain amplification. Stay tuned for more Jujutsu Kaisen and Shonen-related articles and news.