Jujutsu Kaisen: Is Nobara Kugisaki Dead? How Did She Die?

Nobara’s clash with Mahito turned out to be far more serious than we imagined.

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Nobara Kusigaki is one of the most beloved characters in Jujutsu Kaisen. She is also one of the most powerful students at Jujutsu High and a great friend of Yuji and Megumi.

While some love her for her wholesome moments with Yuji and Megumi, others love her for her strength and cursed technique.

Although Nobara is a Grade 3 sorcerer, her potential was recognized by Aoi Todo, who recommended her to be a Grade 1 sorcerer.

During Shibuya, she teamed up with Maki and the then head of the Zenin clan, Naobito Zenin. Later, she goes with manager Akari to assess the situation with Ichiji, who seems to have been stabbed.

In the arc, many characters face their deaths due to extreme situations, and no character is far from the death flag.

Naturally, many fans have been wondering about what happened to Nobara Kugisaki.

Does Nobara Kugisaki Die In Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2?

The answer to that is very difficult, but she might be alive. Let’s understand what exactly happened in Shibuya.

After Nabara and her team enter the barrier, they mainly focus on saving non-sorcerers from rampaging transfigured humans.

Manager Akari informs Nobara that she was on a call with Ichiji, and it sounded like he was attacked.

Maki suggested Nobara go with Akari and check up on Ichiji, and while they were on their way to Bunkamira Street, both encountered Haruta Shigemo.

Nanami later joins the fight between Nobara and Haruta and defeats the curse user. He then informs both regarding Gojo’s sealing and orders Nobara and Araki to be on standby.

After Nanami left, Nobara disobeyed his orders to leave Shibuya and re-entered the battlefield.

Sometime later, in a Dogenzaka Alleyway, Nobara encounters Mahito, and she immediately recognizes the curse’s patch face.

Nobara encoutners Mahito

The fight began between the two. As the fight went on, Nobara felt like something was not correct with Mahito, his cursed energy wasn’t a lot of the special grade, and it missed many chances to grab her.

Even after all this, Nobara stays vigilant and focuses on dodging and misleading the curse.

After a small skirmish between the two, Nobara finally unleashes her attack to counterattack on Mahito, “Resonance”.

It is the same method she used against the cursed womb brothers. With the help of Renonance, Nobara is able to directly attack Mahito’s soul, causing him real injury.

Nobara's Resonance

Upon using resonance, Nobara feels like, although she attacked Mahito, but the hit landed somewhere else. This helped her realize that the Mahito in front of her is a double and can’t use soul transfiguration.

Mahito’s double then decides to lure Nobara to his real body, which is fighting Yuji. The real Mahito also tricks Yuji and escapes, and runs towards his double.

As Yuji chases Mahito, he sees the curse’s double and thinks that they are planning to fuse together to heal, but both run past each other.

Yuji also spots Nobara, he realizes Mahito’s plan and asks her to run. Unfortunately, for Nobara, Mahito’s real body acts as a blind spot, so Nobara can’t notice the switch.

Furthermore, as she had just battled against the double, she let her guard down. Mahito utilized this opportunity and touched Nobara’s face.

Yuji destroys the double and rushes towards Nobara. Mahito stays nearby, as he is unable to kill Nanami in one hit, so he wants to make sure Nobara doesn’t survive.

As life flashes in her mind, she reflects on her life and who she is as a person. She learned to embrace others and her own craziness after coming to Jujutsu High.

She then looks at Yuji and tells him,” Itadori, tell everyone … it wasn’t so bad.”

Just then, her face transfigures and she collapses to the ground.

Nobara dead

Later, Todo and Arata enter the scene. Todo uses his cursed technique and rescues Yuji. While Todo tries to bring his brother back up, Arata treats Nobara with his cursed technique.

Then he treats Yuji’s wounds and dulls the pain. He informs Yuji that he has already treated Nobara, but she has no pulse and is not breathing.

He adds that her chances of survival are not zero, as not a lot of time has passed since she received those injuries. He then takes Nobara to get her treated.

Since then, we have not seen Nobara in the series, and at the same time, it doesn’t seem that Yuji and Megumi are aware of Nobara’s current status.

In the recent chapter 236 spoiler, we see that after Gojo’s death, we see all the characters who were close to him and have died, but we don’t see Nobara anywhere.

It is very much possible that she is not dead and alive, but until Gege Akutami confirms it, we can’t say anything.