Jujutsu Kaisen: How Strong Is Okkotsu Yuta? Can He Defeat Kenjaku? Explained

While Yuta managed to slash Kenjaku’s neck, it was because of Takaba.

okkotsu yuta vs kenjaku
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Yuta became a special-grade sorcerer at a very young age. He is also a fan favorite for being the first one to surpass Gojo since even Gojo hints at it numerous times!

Chapter 173 of the manga states that Yuta is second only to none other than Gojo! But, just how strong is he?

How Strong Is Okkotsu Yuta?

We knew he was strong, but Yuta actually has MORE cursed energy than Gojo himself, although he expends it at a much higher rate.

Yuta fighting


The source of Yuta’s power is “Rika”, the vengeful spirit of his childhood crush and best friend of the same name. It turned out that Yuta had created this Rika when he accidentally cursed her spirit when she died. His will to not let go made her become his guardian with lingering attachment!

Later, Yuta joined the Jujutsu school to control and free Rika from the curse. In the process, he became powerful because of her. Geto called Rika the Queen of Curses, which was evident from Yuta’s growth and fights!

Let’s take a look at some of his powers:

  • Copy: Yuta can copy certain cursed techniques. For example, Rika can manifest a bullhorn with cursed markings that would enable Yuta to use Inumaki’s Cursed Speech technique!
  • Rika: Rika can also appear next to Yuta and attack enemies when she senses danger approaching! During Jujutsu Kaisen Vol 0, for Yuta to beat Geto into a pulp without much prior training is a testament to Rika’s powers! She was able to defend and help Yuta attack their enemy effectively.

Even though Yuta “lost” Rika after the fight, he can still access the cursed spirit of Rika for a short time! Apart from that, he’s a master of using various weapons and Reversed Cursed Technique as well!

  • Reversed Cursed Technique: The Reversed Cursed Technique allows a user to convert negative energy into positive, allowing them to heal humans!

The mastery of this technique makes him stand out far above the rest of the crop!

While he is extremely strong, Kenjaku is no joke, either. After all, he has over a thousand years of experience, and he managed to defeat Yuki, another special-grade sorcerer who had Choso to assist fairly easily as well!

So, how well does Yuta fair up against Kenjaku?

Can Yuta Defeat Kenjaku?

While Yuta managed to slash Kenjaku’s neck, it was because of Takaba, who allowed Yuta to attack without being noticed. In a one-on-one fight, however, things wouldn’t go as smoothly.

While we’ve explained the baseline of Yuta’s powers, it’s time to dig deeper and understand the level at which Yuta operates.

So far, Yuta has copied Toge Inumaki’s Cursed Speech, Shikigami from Dhruv Lakdawalla, and Sky Manipulation and Thin Ice Breaker from Takako.

Also, as seen in the culling game, Rika can also store weapons for Yuta and attack whenever he wants her to.

yuta vs ryo

This form of Yuta is his strongest, and took on Takako and Ryu, the sorcerer with the highest cursed energy output alone. 

In fact, Yuta was dominating the fight, until Kakao and Ryu used their domain expansion. Here, Yuta also proved that he can use Domain Expansion as well, the pinnacle of Jujutsu.

After all of them exhausted their domains, Yuta was the sole survivor even without his technique due to his time spent training and gaining experience! 

This means that Yuta can take on multiple special-level sorcerers and curses.

Still, he isn’t Gojo Satoru just yet, meaning he will struggle in front of Kenjaku’s army of cursed spirits.

Kenjaku’s technique of Anti-Gravtiy, which he got from Itadori’s mother, Kaori, is going to be another big hurdle for Yuta.

However, while these are things Yuta will struggle with, they won’t be enough to defeat him. After a long and challenging fight, it seems inevitable for Yuta to catch the victory, especially due to his nearly limitless cursed energy and the newfound finesse in his technique.