Jujutsu Kaisen: How Strong Is Hajime Kashimo? Cursed Technique Explained

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During the Culling Games, many sorcerers from the Hein era and beyond made a return in search of strong fighters, and one such person was Hajime Kashimo.

During the Hein era, he made a binding vow with Kenjaku at the end of his life, hoping to fight none other than Sukuna.

Now, in the current timeline, Kashimo is here, and he has certainly proven that he is strong. But, how strong is he? and why?

Let’s take a look!

How Strong Is Kashimo?

Kashimo is one of the strongest characters in the series, especially due to his curse energy characteristic.

Kashimo’s cursed trait makes it so that his cursed energy contains electricity, essentially making it so that his body is constantly flowing with cursed energy.

kashimo jjk

Due to this, all of his physical attacks create an electric shock whenever they make contact.

He can also use this to discharge lightning, which is guaranteed to hit without using a domain.

This alone, combined with his insane hand-to-hand combat skills and battle intellect is enough to make him a special-grade sorcerer, capable enough to nearly defeat Hakari, whom Gojo believes to have the potential to surpass him.

Kashimo was also the first person to introduce a rule in the Culling Games, and made a name for himself as one of the strongest culling game players.

Kashimo also revealed that he had been saving up on using his cursed energy to fight Sukuna, as he could only use it once.

Kashimo’s Cursed Technique Explained:

Kashimo’s cursed technique is called “Mythical Beast Amber”, and it basically allows him to become a monster.

kashimo jjk cursed technique

His cursed technique reconstructs his flesh into phenomena, causing him to surpass humanity. While Kashimo was unable to use this state for long because of Sukuna, he is certainly strong.

In fact, he is arguably the strongest character in the series behind Sukuna and Gojo, perhaps on the level of Okkotsu Yuta!

The biggest drawback of using the technique is that he loses his humanity, and when the technique is turned off, Kashimo’s flesh won’t be able to keep up, resulting in his death.

That summarizes Kashimo’s cursed technique and his overall power level. What are your thoughts? Comment below!