Jujutsu Kaisen: How Ryomen Sukuna Manage To Kill Gojo Satoru? Sukuna’s Masterplan Revealed!

It was Sukuna’s brilliant plan that brought him victory agains Gojo Satoru.

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The strongest sorcerer in the modern era, Gojo Satoru, was truly powerful. One of his feats includes coming back from death.

He mastered the reverse cursed technique. This allowed him to heal his brain 24/7 from the damage done by the constant activation of his cursed technique.

Gojo Satoru’s effient use of the cursed technique allowed him to never run out of cursed energy and be able to use domain expansion multiple times a day.

His technique also made him invincible to any and all attacks, and he mastered it to such an extent that the technique worked completely automatically.

Even after all this, Sukuna managed to kill him. How did Sukuna kill Gojo Satoru?

This was possible because of Sukuna’s brilliant plan that he made from the very beginning of the series.

Sukuna’s Masterplan

When Sukuna first appeared in the series, he and Gojo had a small bout in which Gojo completely dominated him.

Before Yuji took control again, he promised Gojo that he would kill me. From then on, he began his plan to kill the strongest sorcerer.

During the fearsome womb arc, we saw Megumi’s cursed energy increase exponentially.

Sukuna realized that Megumi was planning to summon Mahoraga, against whom, at that time, Sukuna would have been easily defeated.

At the same time, Sukuna knew how he would kill Gojo, especially after witnessing Gojo’s Infinity technique later in the series in his fight against Gojo.


He also enacted this in Chapter 212: Sukuna transferred his cursed energy to Yuji’s little finger and forced it on Megumi.

With this, he gained control over Megumi and his coveted technique, the Ten Shadow Technique.

But how did the Ten Shadow Technique help Sukuna defeat Gojo?

Sukuna, Ten Shadow Technique And Gojo’s Death

Gojo’s technique is called Infinity, which stops any and every attack done to him; not even Sukuna could do anything to him.

This is why Sukuna used domain expansion against Gojo to neutralize the Gojo cursed technique.

Even after all that, Gojo still survived his domain, and not only that, but he even managed to defeat it.

Later, when Gojo successfully defeated Sukuna’s domain and hit Sukuna with his domain, this caused Sukuna to become unconscious for a few moments.


The only reason Gojo failed to attack Sukuna was the fact that Mahoraga emerged from Sukuna’s shadow and neutralized his technique.

You guys must be asked: How did Mahoraga neutralize Gojo’s technique when he never appeared before?

What Sukuna did was, every time a domain battle ensued between both, he made Megumi’s soul feel the full brunt of Gojo’s technique.

This allowed Mahoraga to adapt Gojo’s domain.

After Mahoraga joined, Mahoraga adapted to Gojo infinity by changing the nature of its cursed energy.

Unfortunately for Sukuna, that was not something he could do, but fortunately, Mahoraga does not stop by just adapting it.

Mahoraga continues to refine the adaptation it has made, as it did in Chapter 234, which severed Gojo’s arm.

What Mahoraga did then was use Sukuna’s slash technique and change the target from Gojo to the world.

This meant that this slash cut through the world itself. Due to this, no matter what Gojo does, his technique cannot protect him, and the only way to survive is to dodge it.

This was something Sukuna could achieve. And so Sukuna was able to use it and bypass Gojo’s ultimate defense, killing the strongest sorcerer, Gojo Satoru.