Jujutsu Kaisen: How Did Yuta Use Sukuna’s Cursed Technique?

Yuta’s cursed technique allows him to copy the innate cursed techniques of other sorcerers and store them within Rika.

Yuta use sukuna technique
Harsh S/Anime Explained

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 250 concluded with Yuta using Sukuna’s cursed technique and unleashing Cleave on himself.

While this was an mind-blowing twist that confused many on how Yuta copied the cursed technique of King of Curses!

If you are wondering the same, you made the correct decision to read this article.

So without further ado, let’s start with the article.

Yuta’s Copy Technique

Yuta’s innate cursed technique allows him to copy the innate cursed techniques of other sorcerers and store them within Rika.

Furthermore, he can only use the cursed techniques when he is connected to Rika. All the known cursed techniques that Yuta has copied are as follows:

  • Inumaki Toge’s Cursed Speech
  • Druv Lakdawalla’s Shikigami
  • Uro Takako Sky Manipulation
  • Angel’s Jacob’s Ladder
  • Charles’ G Warstaff
  • Sukuna’s Shrine

Gee Akutsami, the author of the series, took too much inspiration from FATE ZERO and did not share any proper explanation of the conditions required to copy someone’s technique.

In chapter 180, after Yuta used Uro’s technique against Ishigoori, he guessed what might be the condition to copy one technique.

Previously, after a three-way domain battle, when the Kurourushi cursed spirit broke Uro’s arm apart, Rika ate her arm.

Ishigoori guessing Yuta technique

According to Ishigoori’s theory, this was the trigger or condition that allowed Yuta to copy her technique.

If Ishigoori is right and Yuta can copy technique after Rika ingests target’s body part, then it would explain how he got Uro cursed technique; however, Inumaki and Angel are allies, and hurting just to get a certain does not seem to be Yuta’s character.

So how did he get Inumaki’s cursed technique? If any part can satisfy the condition, wouldn’t drinking blood also satisfy the condition? This could allow him to get his allies technique without actually hurting them.

So, if we follow this theory, it becomes apparent how Yuta copied Sukuna’s technique.

How Did Yuta Copy Sukuna’s Technique?

During the entire event, we did not see Rika biting Sukuna or eating any part of his body. Meaning Yuta must have acquired Sukuna’s cursed technique during the one-month time skip.

This will make more sense when we see the conversation between Uraume and Sukuna in Chapter 222.

Uraume apologizes to Sukuna as she fails to recover Sukuna’s last finger. Sukuna then mentions that Gojo must have the final finger and hide it to put Yuji’s execution on an indefinite hold.

Sukuna reveals Gojo has the last finger

Which is why Sukuna ate his own mummified head. So happened to Sukuna’s final finger.

Now, Gojo is back and knows where he hid the finger. Yuta can copy Sukuna’s technique by feeding that finger to Rika.

And I believe this is exactly what happened. Rika ate Sukuna’s final finger, allowing Yuta to copy Sukuna’s finger.

All that’s left is to see if the author, Gege Akutami, will reveal what Yuta actually did and prove or disprove my theory.