Jujutsu Kaisen: Geto Suguru’s Cursed Technique Explained

With this technique alone, Suguru Geto earned a Special Grade rank.

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In Jujutsu Kaisen, cursed techniques are paramount, as they are one of the major ways sorcerors exorcise curses.

There are many sorcerers whose cursed techniques allow them to summon and control Shikigami, but none can do what Geto can.

With this technique alone, Suguru Geto earned the Special Grade rank.

Geto Suguru’s Technique: Cursed Spirit Manipulation

Geto Suguru’s cursed technique is called “Cursed Spirit Manipulation”. As the name suggests, it allows him to control cursed spirits.

It sounds very similar to Shikigami conjuring, right? but, it couldn’t be more different.

Shikigami conjuring is a cursed technique where a user can summon a Shikigami to aid them in a battle.

The way the shikigami technique works is that the user needs a talisman as a medium to summon them.

The only exception is Megumi’s Ten Shadow Technique. Simply put, shikigami are familiars created using the user’s cursed energy.

In the case of Suguru, he uses cursed spirits by capturing them.

The way it works is that after encountering a cursed spirit, Geto must first defeat the spirit. After defeating the spirit, he converts it into a ball of pure cursed energy and then eats it.

JJK_Geto eating cursed spirit

Unlike shikigami users, Geto does not require a talisman or a medium to summon them.

Another difference between them is the number of shikigami they can use.

Every shikigami user has an upper limit on how many shikigami they can use. Though this limit varies from person to person, there is one for all of them.

Cursed spirit manipulation does not have any upper limit as, during the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons, Geto used about 6,000 cursed spirits.

About two thousand combined in Kyoto and Shinjuku, and about 4000 against Yuta for his Maximum Technique: Uzumaki.

We will talk about his Maximum Technique later in this article.

As mentioned earlier, Geto needs to defeat a cursed spirit, convert it into a ball of pure energy, and then eat it to control the spirit.

The technique has a special case where if the difference between a cursed spirit and him is two grades or more, then he can absorb the spirit with no conditions attached.


During a monologue, Suguru says that the taste of the cursed spirit is like eating a rag used to mop vomit.

Due to the nature of consuming curses, Geto’s cursed energy also feels different than that of a normal sorcerer.

It seems like this is something that is common with other cursed spirit manipulators. This was seen in Gojo’s past arc, where the aged-cursed user who fought Geto deduces that he is using cursed spirit manipulation due to how different his curse energy felt compared to other sorcerors.

Now, let’s delve into Geto’s Cursed Technique!

Maximum Technique: Uzumaki


The peak of cursed spirit manipulation has only been shown twice in the whole series.

Once in Jujutsu Kaisen 0, Geto used it against Yuta, which is a more aggressive form of the Uzumaki.

The second was when Kenjaku was used at the end of the Shibuya arc, showing the passive side of the technique.

In this technique, the user combines the cursed spirits in their possession into one, forming a spiral near the user.

There is also no limit to how many cursed spirits can be combined.

During Geto’s fight against Yuta, he combined around 4,600 cursed spirits. Using Uzumaki, he then attacked the young sorcerer with a blast of supercondensed cursed energy.

There is also another function or effect of Uzumaki. If the spirits used are of semi-grade 1 or higher, then the user can use the innate cursed technique of the spirit, but only once.

Kenjaku showed this during the end of the Shibuya arc when he used Mahito to create Uzumaki, which gave him access to Idle Transfiguration.


Using Mahito’s technique, Kenjaku brought about changes in three kinds of people.

The first were those he had marked, like Megumi’s sister, Tsumiki. These people became hosts for the reincarnated sorcerers.

The second group was people whose brains were not made for Jujutsu sorcerers. He adjusted the capacity of their brains to use Jujutsu and develop innate cursed techniques.

Third were those who had ingested cursed objects; Kenjaku gave them the strength to become proper vessels for the cursed objects.


The cursed manipulation technique allows the user to absorb the already existing cursed spirit and gives the user full control over the spirit.

Unlike a shikigami user, the user of the cursed manipulation technique does not need to summon a spirit.

There is also no limit to how many cursed spirits one can absorb and control, unlike Shikigami users.

The maximum technique of cursed spirit manipulation is called Uzumaki.

In Uzumaki, the user combines the spirits they possess into a spiral. Uzumaki then absorbs the cursed energy of the spirits and shoots a highly condensed beam of cursed energy.

If a semi-grade 1 or higher spirit is used for Uzumaki, then the user also gains one-time access to the cursed spirit’s cursed technique.

This was all about Geto Suguru’s cursed spirit manipulation.

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