Jujutsu Kaisen: Could Kenjaku Be Still Alive? Why It Makes Sense

In chapter 145, Tengen revealed that Kenjaku fought with Six Eyes users twice, although he lost both times.

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According to the recent leaks for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 243, Yuta finally lands a killing blow on Kejaku, keeping his promise to his late sensei Gojo Satoru.

While many in the community believe that Kenjaku is done for, many believe that he will come back. And we agree with the latter part.

In this article, we will share our view and a possible scenario for Kenjaku to still survive this predicament.

Why Kenjaku Surviving Makes Sense

First, we must understand that he is not your average run-of-the-mill sorcerer. This guy has survived for thousands of years and has also fought a six eyes user.

In chapter 145, Tengen revealed that in order to stop Tengen’s merger with Star Plasma, Kenjaku fought with Six Eyes users twice, although he lost both times, he still managed to survive.

This goes to show just how strong he is. Furthermore, in the same chapter, Tengen requests that two sorcerers out of Choso, Yuki, and Yuta stand guard to protect her from Kenjaku.

Even after that, two special-grade sorcerers could not protect Tengen and failed. He even survived a damn black hole!


Furthermore, Kenjaku knew that Sukuna would fight Gojo and that there was a possibility of Gojo coming out as the winner.

If Gojo had won, he would have made a direct beeline for Kenjaku, and thus, Kenjaku must have made other contingency plans against his death.

In addition to this, after Yuta beheaded Kenjaku, in his alleged final moments, he mentions that his will and desire will be inherited.

The biggest reason we believe Kenjaku will make a comeback is the final rule he added in the culling game.

Rule 14 states that the culling game will end when all the players will die except Megumi Fushiguro and Geto Suguru as the sole survivors.

And, Kenjaku is in possession of whose body? It is Geto Suguru. Thus, if the culling game has to come to an end for the conclusion of the series, Geto must come back, which means Kejaku must return to his body, as real Geto is dead.

Now, you guys must be wondering how would Kenjaku make his return? Let’s see what the community currently thinks.

Community Speculations

Theory 1: Since Kenjaku’s real body is his brain and not the bodies of those he has possessed, there is a chance that he will wait out till Yuta leaves. And then, acquire someone else’s body.

He also has a lot of bodies around him, one being that of Hazenoki and the other being the body of the mysterious girl who he killed before.

Theory 2: There is a possibility that Kenjaku made a binding vow with Tengen that he would release her from his Geto’s cursed spirit manipulation technique, but in return, she has to comply with his plan.

This might come as a flop, as Tengen asked Yuki and Choso to protect her just prevent exactly that.

Theory 3: When Gojo got unsealed, he appeared directly in front of Kenjaku to kill him but was interfered with by Sukuna.


At that time, Kenjaku asked Sukuna to not fight Gojo, stating Sukuna’s binding vow with Kenjaku.

This could be what Kenjkau meant when he said that his will and desire have been inherited.