Is Denji Satisfied With Asa Mitaka In Chainsaw Man?

Denji AFFIRMS that his heart felt nice when another person jacked him off rather than relying on his hand.

CHAINSAW MAN © 2018 by Tatsuki Fujimoto/SHUEISHA Inc.

Warning: The following article contains major spoilers from Chainsaw Man manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Chainsaw Man fans are always eager to see the ship of Denji X Asa Mitaka get deeper and deeper. And they got what they wanted in chapter 167, where Asa (as Yoru) passionately kissed Denji and even gave him a handjob, much to Yoru’s dismay.

Well, if you thought this was INSANE even for Tatsuki Fujimoto, then you don’t know Fujimoto enough.

I mean, we’re talking about the same guy who recorded himself trying to levitate WHILE COSPLAYING AS MAKIMA!

Denji’s relationship with Asa changed quite a bit. In the beginning, she straight up referred to him as a loser when Denji told her he’s Chainsaw Man. But they grew quite closer when they, along with the others, were stuck in an aquarium. That was the 1st time Asa even considered Denji as attractive.

Their relationship deepens as they share their personal histories and traumas. Denji opens up about his life of poverty, loss, and his transformation into Chainsaw Man. Asa reveals her fears and the burden of coexisting with the War Devil. Through these confessions, they find solace and understanding in each other.

Their bond is tested in numerous battles and encounters with powerful enemies. Asa’s dual existence as herself and the War Devil creates tension and challenges, but it also allows her to understand Denji’s duality as both a human and a devil. Together, they face adversaries, save each other from dire situations, and gradually build trust.

In the recent chapters, Denji even brought Asa to his home and made her spend time with his family, Nayuta, and the dogs.

Although the trauma from Reze still exists, Denji couldn’t help but wonder whether he could have a genuine relationship with Asa. And recent chapters of Chainsaw Man CONFIRM he can!

Is Denji satisfied with Asa Mitaka and his relationship with her?

Denji AFFIRMS that his heart felt nice when another person jacked him off rather than relying on his hand. And that’s saying something, considering how horny Denji is.

In chapter 166, he literally broke down in front of everyone and begged for a solution on how to come out of his sex drive, which is the driving force behind all his thoughts and actions.

This is a HUGE character development moment for Denji, as he normally gives in to those desires, no matter what the current situation. But now, he cannot help but wonder why his horniness takes priority over mourning for his dogs or even saving Nayuta.

I mean, Katana man offers him to go to a brothel and relieve that stress and Denji even agrees. Because he hasn’t masturbated for so long, LMAO!

(Chainsaw Man chapter 166)

Asa Mitaka couldn’t believe what she was hearing but still accompanied Denji to the brothel, only to find it completely destroyed. Denji breaks down and self-reflects on his priorities, realizing that his sex drive is actually ruining his life rather than turning it into his life’s SOLE purpose. Asa then turns into Yoru, aka the War Devil, and offers Denji help by cutting off his penis.

But what happens instead is Yoru kissing Denji passionately while giving him a hand job. Fujimoto couldn’t help but insert an Evangelion reference to Chainsaw Man chapter 167.

(Chainsaw man chapter 167)

Now, in chapter 169, Denji looks at everyone in the Sushi restaurant and wonders whether they all had hand jobs before LMAO!

Denji tells Pochita that some awful shit happened that makes him want to die. His house went up in flames, his dogs died, and Nayuta was kidnapped. However, he’s now comfortably eating Sushi after getting climaxed by Asa in Yoru’s body.

Physically, it wasn’t as good as jacking off with his hand but his heart felt good. And when you’re in a relationship, the satisfaction of the heart matters the most, not lust.

That’s why he questioned himself about whether he’s actually happy or not. He hasn’t done this with anyone before. Not even with Power.

Denji is a guy who used to think getting a girlfriend like Makima was the epitome of human satisfaction. But now that he’s close to getting one, he’s wondering whether it’s worth all the trouble.

(Chainsaw Man chapter 169)

This is very interesting, considering Denji’s trust issues for obvious reasons. Will he get duped again, like he did with Makima and Reze? Is life’s satisfaction peak with enjoying with your girlfriend or is there something more? The latter question, however, is much deeper, considering how, in real life, so many billionaires and famous personalities got into depression despite getting what they think they wanted.

Will Fujimoto give Denji the TRUE satisfaction his soul requires at the end of the series? Maybe, but given how twisted he can get, I won’t be surprised if he just kills Denji off before he reaches that character closure. Only time will tell…