How Strong Is Inosuke Hashibira In Demon Slayer? Analyzing The Beast User’s Power

His strong sense of battle comes from growing up among boars in the woods.

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Inosuke is the Bakugo of Demon Slayer. Hot headed, physically impenetrable, strong-witted, and a loyal ally to Tanjiro and the others. Sure, he doesn’t have a strong sense of justice like Tanjiro, but his sheer desire to fight strong guys naturally puts him against the Upper Rank Demons (because only Hashira level Demon Slayers can stand up against them).

His strong sense of battle comes from growing up among boars in the woods.

He acts like a ferocious beast stalking down his prey and ready to snap at any moment throughout the entirety of the series as a result of his early exposure to wild life and the natural habitat of boars.

He is also a proud young man who always likes to pre conceptualize that he is the strongest fighter in the current situation, constantly challenging most people he comes across and wanting others to respect, praise and admire him for his skill.

Instead of training the usual way under a formal Hashira, Inosuke beat up a Demon Slayer with his bare hands and stole his sword, basically becoming a member unintentionally. He then became one of the many swordsmen in the Corps, hunting down demons with two jagged blades.

This begs the question, just how strong Inosuke really is?

How strong is Inosuke Hashibira in Demon Slayer?

We think he’s definitely reached Hashira level, stronger than Zenitsu but still weaker than Demon Tanjiro! This stems from his immense stature and strength, which I’m going to describe in detail!

Physical Strength

Inosuke is known for his signature headbutts. He has actively hurt Tanjiro by heatbutting him constantly but after a while, Tanjiro because so strong that Inosuke got KO’ed!

Nevertheless, he has some decent feats when it comes to physical strength. During his intense battle on Mount Natagumo, he effortlessly launched Tanjiro high into the air and in the rehabilitation training, he could easily hold Aoi by her legs and lift three massive rocks tied with ropes, each larger than his torso.

Upon waking up on the Mugen Train, he instantly punched through the roof, sliced through Lower One Enmu’s body parts that had enveloped the train cabins, and easily severed the locomotive’s roof. While pursuing Daki’s obi in the Ogimoto House, he accidentally punched a patron, sending his face into the wall, knocking him out, and creating a large hole in the concrete.

During Hashira training, he managed to move a boulder almost twice his size with his bare hands.

Additionally, he inflicted significant damage on Doma with his slashes and threw his swords with such force that they drove Kanao’s sword through Doma’s neck, despite Doma’s greatly reduced durability.

His strength is further enhanced by his stamina and endurance!


Unlike his peers, he has a strong resistance to poison! He managed to withstand and survive the highly lethal poison of the Upper Moon Six, hinting at his possible immunity to poisons.

However, as Aoi Kanzaki pointed out, this also implies that none of Shinobu Kocho’s medicines would be effective on him. Therefore, if he were to encounter a poison more potent than Gyutaro’s or one he hasn’t built resistance to, these medicines wouldn’t be viable treatments, putting him at a higher risk of death.

He has better immunity than Zenitsu and Tanjiro after the Entertainment District arc battle. He recovered from his injuries 9 days earlier than Tanjiro, who was unconscious for two months and 8 days earlier than Zenitsu.

He can withstand multiple ribs being broken and the testament for his durability comes from getting hit by Muzan’s tentacles and still able to fight back. This is after fighting with so many Upper Rank Demons.


His agility is on par with that of Muzan and Demon Tanjiro. During the Infinity Castle arc, Inosuke cuts off one of Muzan’s tentacles just before it touches Tanjiro, with his Beast Breathing 6th form “Palisade Bite”!

Despite getting several ribs broken and multiple internal bleeding cases, he still managed to hang on against Demon Tanjiro while Zenitsu or even the Hashiras themselves couldn’t move at all!


Inosuke has inhuman flexibility, as he demonstrates it by kicking Tanjiro by doing a handstand while pulling his leg over his head and to top it all off, he had broken ribs. Inosuke also has this quirk that allows him to dislocate all of the joints in his body, allowing him to pass through pretty much anywhere if his head fits in that space. And my man, Inosuke, was just getting started, he literally shifts his internal organs in order to protect his organs when he gets stabbed through the chest.


Inosuke’s heightened senses grant him a level of extrasensory perception that goes beyond ordinary human capability. He can gauge the seriousness of his opponents, as demonstrated when he detected a slight relaxation in Daki’s sash attacks, allowing him to seize the opportunity to counterattack.

Similarly, he could assess the formidable strength of both Akaza and Kyojuro Rengoku. Inosuke’s ability extends to sensing malice and murderous intent even when the source is out of sight, a skill that saved him from Gyutaro’s lethal scythe strike. Furthermore, he could discern that Daki’s obi contained living captives, ensuring he avoided harming them during their battle.


In the heat of battle, Inosuke moves with the ferocity and precision of a four-legged beast, his strikes coming from unusually low angles that catch his opponents off guard. His combat style is a mesmerizing dance of agility and power, honed to perfection through countless skirmishes.

He deftly weaves through multiple attacks from members of the Demon Slayer Corps, even when they are under the sinister control of demonic forces. His ability to anticipate and evade these strikes is nothing short of extraordinary, showcasing a level of skill and reflexes that few can match.

The battlefield becomes a chaotic flurry of demonic obis and blood sickles, yet he dodges around them with an almost supernatural grace. Each movement is calculated, and every step is a testament to his experience and training.

In a display of acrobatic prowess, he kicks his sword in midair, flipping it seamlessly into his hand. This fluid motion highlights not only his physical capabilities but also his deep connection to his weapon, treating it as an extension of himself.

Inosuke boasts that no one had ever managed to throw him off balance before encountering Tanjiro. This claim underscores his confidence and the high level of respect he commands among his peers and foes alike.

Inosuke’s journey to acquiring his first Nichirin sword is a tale of raw power and defiance. He didn’t come by it through traditional means; instead, he earned it by besting a member of the Demon Slayer Corps in hand-to-hand combat and taking the sword as his own. This audacious act is a testament to his unyielding spirit and determination to forge his own path in a world fraught with danger and darkness.

In every confrontation, his actions speak of a warrior who is not only physically formidable but also mentally unshakeable, carving his legend with every strike and dodge.

Beast Breathing Techniques

Inosuke’s so OP and talented that he literally invented his own breathing style called “Beast Breathing Style” that uses his fans and swords to their utmost precision. Bro is entirely self-taught, in contrast to Tanjiro and Zenitsu, who received training from former Hashiras.

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