How Did Gojo Satoru Cheat Death In Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2?

Wielding the cursed tool, the Inverted Spear of Heaven, Toji bypasses Gojo’s Limitless technique.

Gojo dead
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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 is live, and in a recent episode, Toji Fushiguro fights Gojo Satoru. And in an unexpected turn of events, Toji kills Gojo.

So is the future Gojo fake? No, he is the real deal! Then you must be asking how he survived.

We must understand exactly how Toji killed him.

Toji Kills Gojo

During the Hidden Inventory Arc, when Toji got the contract to kill Amanai. For that, he put up a bounty on her head on the dark web.

This is because he knew about Gojo’s prowess and planned to exhaust him until the very end of it. And the plan actually worked!

During the whole mission, Gojo did not sleep, nor did he deactivate his innate technique, making him extremely tired.

Jujutsu High is surrounded by a barrier that alerts everyone to any intrusion.

So as soon as they reached the perimeter of Jujutsu High Gojo, it was certain that they were safe.

Thus, he deactivated his technique. That very second, Tojo jumped behind Gojo and stabbed him!


toji-stab Gojo

Fortunately, Gojo sensed him at the very last second and reinforced his body, avoiding any fatal blow.

Geto takes Amanai towards Master Tengen while Gojo tries to stop Toji.

As Toji has no cursed energy, Gojo is unable to detect him, and Toji knows it and uses it to his advantage, hiding himself behind surrounding houses.

Gojo uses Cursed Technique Lapse – Maximum Technique: Blue and destroys the houses around him. Toji then releases multiple flyheads, which interfere with Gojo’s ability to detect him.

While surrounded by flyheads, Gojo is trying to find him, but then a thought comes to his head. Toji’s goal is to kill Amanai and Gojo.

Thus, Gojo believes that Toji might use this confusion and attempt to go towards Amanai, but Toji suddenly appears behind him.

Wielding the cursed tool, the Inverted Spear of Heaven, Toji is able to bypass Gojo’s Limitless technique and stab Gojo’s throat.

Then, in a single motion, he drags the weapon through Gojo’s body and stabs him in the head.

This was possible because the Inverted Spear of Heaven is a cursed tool that nullifies all cursed techniques, thus, when Toji tried to stab Gojo, the cursed tool nullified Satoru’s Limitless.

After killing Gojo, he moves towards killing Amanai. Now that we know how Toji killed Gojo, let’s learn how Gojo was able to cheat death.

How Did Gojo Cheat Death?

After killing Amanai and defeating Geto, Toji delivers Amanai’s dead body to the Time Vessel Association to confirm the assassination.

There, he learns about the history of the religious group. While leaving the Association perimeter, he is shocked to see the one in front of him.

It was the wielder of the Sex Eyes, the Gojo Satoru.

Going back to his death, the moment Toji stabbed Gojo in the throat, Gojo gave up fighting. He then solely focused on the reverse cursed technique.


Cursed energy is born from negativity. Even if one can reinforce their body with cursed energy, they cannot heal their body parts.

This is why one must multiply the negative energy together to create positive energy. This is called reverse cursed energy.

We know that before this incident, Gojo was never able to use the reverse cursed technique, and Shoko’s explanation did not make any sense to him.

But being on the verge of death after his fight with Toji, Gojo Satoru understood.

He understood the core of cursed energy. This newfound understanding helped him understand the reverse cursed technique and use it.

This was also possible because after Toji stabbed him in the throat, he did not cut his head off, nor did he use the cursed tool to stab Gojo in the head.

After confronting Toji, the fight between him and Toji resumes, but this time, Gojo quickly takes the lead and casts Cursed Technique Reversal: Red. And unlike last time, it does not fail, blasting Toji away.

Even after getting blown away, Toji doesn’t seem to have taken a lot of damage. Toji then equips the Inverted Spear of Heaven with a chain to increase its range.

Toji is confident, as he knows everything about the Gojo’s cursed techniques and knows how to counter them, or so he thought. He then feels a weird unease even after being completely prepared against Gojo’s Limitless.

On the other end, Gojo’s limitless techniques are well recorded, which has helped him learn them and know when to use them.

At the same time, they’re also prone to getting leaked outside, and with Toji being from the Zenin clan, Gojo predicted that he must have known them.

That is why he used a completely different technique, one that only a very few, even in the Gojo clan, know about.

Gojo unleashes Hollow Technique: Purple, which completely annihilates the upper-right section of Toji Fushiguro and continues to destroy multiple walls behind him.


Then Toji stabbed Gojo in the throat; he gave up on the fight and focused solely on healing using the reverse cursed technique.

Although Gojo had never been able to use the reverse cursed technique, on the verge of death, he understood cursed energy.

This helped him master not only the reverse cursed technique but also the Cursed Technique Reversal: Red and Hollow Technique: Purple.

That was how Gojo cheated death and killed the sorcerer killer, Toji Fushiguro.