How Did Boruto Learn The Flying Raijin Technique? Boruto’s New Technique Explained

In the fourth chapter, it was revealed that Boruto had mastered his grandfather’s signature technique

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Boruto: Two Blue Vortex

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, the post-time skip manga of the Boruto series’ 4th chapter is carrying the pace of introducing new plot points and twists!

In the fourth chapter, it was revealed that Boruto had mastered his grandfather’s signature technique, the Flying Raijin Technique!

Let’s take a glance at the technique before we look at how Boruto mastered it!

Minato’s Flying Raijin Technique Explained:

Originally a technique of the second Hokage, Tobirama Senju, the Flying Raijin Technique is a space-time ninjutsu, that allows the user to teleport instantly.

The technique involves the user marking its target with a formula, which allows the use of the space-time technique.

The formula stays in place even after the user dies, and there is no limit to how many targets can be marked.

Notably, Minato used nearly a dozen of seals at any given time.

This ninjutsu technique made Minato the fastest ninja alive at the time, who perfected the technique. He has managed to even teleport Kurama’s Tailed Beast Bomb using it!

So, let’s talk about how Boruto learned this technique!

How Did Boruto Master The Flying Raijin Technique:

While the exact reason hasn’t been explained yet, the chapter gives a lot of hints!

In chapter 4 of Two Blue Vortex, Boruto manages to track Code’s chakra across space-time.

Once he locates him, he uses the Konoha pin he gave to one of Kashin Koji’s toads to teleport using the Flying Raijin.

This is how he managed to enter the village instantly, undetected at the start of the Time Skip.

Kakashi told us that Boruto had strongly inherited Lord Fourth’s genius, and this only further proves it!

Now, whilst some shinobi do know the Flying Raijin, these shinobi won’t teach it to Boruto as he is a traitor now. 

The answer, however, is Sasuke!

Now that his Rinnegan is gone, Boruto seemingly refuses to use his Karma seal during the timeskip.

They have no method of traversing dimensions, which is essential when fighting the Otsutsuki.

Thus, it makes sense that Sasuke would teach him the Flying Raijin to compensate for the lack of Rinnegan.

It is plausible that Sasuke learned it using the Sharingan, as he could easily have copied and learned it for himself at any time. 

So. What are your thoughts on Boruto learning the technique?