Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103: Goku Defeated?! Gohan Fights Broly And Vegeta!

Gohan unleashed his full potential, surpassing Goku’s Ultra Instinct in speed. Broly showcased newfound mastery over his Super Saiyan form, setting the stage for an electrifying showdown.


The clash between the mightiest Saiyans has given birth to what many are calling one of the most remarkable chapters in Dragon Ball Super history.

Gohan Beast, in a stunning display, unleashed his full potential, surpassing even Goku’s Ultra Instinct in speed to gain the upper hand. But the surprises didn’t end there; Broly showcased newfound mastery over his Super Saiyan form, setting the stage for an electrifying showdown.

This resurgence of a once-forgotten race speaks volumes about their resilience and their role in shaping the future.

Chapter 103 evoked a heartfelt response from me, nearly bringing tears to my eyes. It was filled with so many heartwarming moments that are sure to leave a lasting smile on your face. This emotional impact was heightened, especially in light of the recent unfortunate news about Toriyama.

Upon reflecting on the chapter’s title, I couldn’t help but wonder if Toyotaro penned it with Toriyama’s influence in mind. Additionally, Piccolo’s farewell held a deeper significance that resonated with me.

Did Gohan really defeat Goku?

Not really. Though the impact of Gohan’s punch did knock Goku out of Ultra Instinct, Goku could still transform into the silver-haired form and even push back Gohan with mere energy.

What’s more, Goku clearly stated that he wasn’t even thinking about winning the fight but merely wanted to test Gohan’s strength and what future he holds in terms of protecting the Earth while Goku and Vegeta are away.

Goku vs Gohan ends with shocking revelations!

Chapter 103 kicks off with Goku and Gohan exchanging blows so powerful that despite blocking his son’s attack, Goku is sent flying across the entire planet.

This was all a test by his father to see the effects of Gohan’s training, leading to Wholesome Moment number 1: Goku Praising his son, saying that he’s strong and has incredible potential.

Goku reiterates Vegeta’s claim in Episode 78 that his son possesses “great instincts and incredible power locked up in him” (as mentioned in Chapter 6), and it is OBVIOUS that Gohan has the highest potential.

This is nothing new for Goku; he saw Gohan’s insane power increase when fighting Raditz, so he knew Gohan would eventually outstrip him. After all, Goku paired Gohan with Cell because of their time in the hyperbolic time chamber.

Episode 90 of Dragon Ball Super takes place after Goku asserts that GOHAN IS THE BEST TRAINING PARTNER THERE IS.

And that’s why in Chapter 103 he lives up to expectations, leading Goku to say that Gohan has changed and trained to become his own Beast mode.

Gohan is grateful to Piccolo for this because his biological father had observed early on in Z that he would only unleash his power if he went Berserk.

Piccolo assured Gohan that he would teach him to control that power and make him the greatest fighter of all time.

(DBZ Chapter 12)

Ladies and gentlemen, after 23 long years, that long-awaited promise has finally come to fruition. What’s more, Gohan is on the verge of carrying out the Oracle Fish’s prophecy.

For those who may have forgotten, back in chapter 68, the Oracle Fish declared that the mightiest warrior in the universe would soon emerge.

Initially, many speculated it would be Black Frieza, but Whis’ revelation in chapter 87 suggests that it might actually be Gohan. However, Goku wasn’t about to let that slide. He took it upon himself to show Gohan what he’s made of, tapping into even more God Ki by calming his mind and spirit.

In a flash, Goku teleported, catching Gohan completely off guard, proving that Goku in his silver-haired Ultra Instinct form is faster than Gohan in his most formidable state. Goku showed no mercy, even against his own son, asserting dominance over him much like he did against Moro.

I mean, even the pose he makes in Dragon Ball Super chapter 103 parallels the one he did before punching into Moro’s gut.

(Left – Chapter 64, Right – Chapter 103)

Gohan attempted to employ a tactic similar to Goku’s strategy against Frieza, suppressing his Ki underwater before launching an attack. However, the disparity became evident as Goku’s body effortlessly evaded each of Gohan’s strikes, much like how he often sidestepped his paternal duties.

Vegeta keenly observed the growing chasm between Goku and Gohan, attributing it to Goku’s accumulated experience over the years, despite Gohan boasting a higher battle power.

This theme resonates in the Granolah arc as well, where Gas, despite having superior power and speed, finds himself outmatched in techniques like Instant Transmission by Goku.

Yet, upon experiencing Ultra Instinct for the first time, Gohan devises a new strategy. He unleashes an overwhelming surge of Ki, surpassing even Broly’s from the movie.

In a sudden burst, Gohan launches a direct punch at Goku, who narrowly dodges at the eleventh hour. This maneuver surprises both Goku and Vegeta.

Conventionally, Saiyans can muster immense Ki, but their speed often lags behind their power, reminiscent of the limitations seen in the Super Saiyan grades. However, Gohan defies this norm, akin to Broly utilizing the Super Saiyan 2 concept with Beast.

Recall how both Vegeta and Trunks grappled with the unwieldy bulkiness of their muscles in Super Saiyan grades 2 and 3. Yet, Gohan breaks through those constraints, augmenting his power without sacrificing agility.

Despite Gohan’s punches missing their mark, the sheer force generates massive gusts of wind and craters.

Goku, visibly rattled and genuinely astonished by his son’s exponential increase in prowess, finds himself on the receiving end of a colossal blow to the gut, effectively incapacitating his Ultra Instinct.

But what’s actually surprising is Vegeta CONFIRMING that Gohan’s speed in that moment actually surpassed that of Goku’s Ultra Instinct!

How was Gohan faster than Ultra Instinct Goku?

But how did Gohan manage to accomplish such an extraordinary feat?

Upon closer examination, it becomes evident that Gohan was on the verge of unleashing his full rage mode, a state where he historically loses control, akin to his encounters with Raditz and Frieza. However, just in the nick of time, he regained composure, mastering his ability to contain and control his ki, preventing it from leaking out uncontrollably.

This concept was previously introduced in Episode 20, when Whis enlightened Goku and Vegeta about the importance of this skill, which was further emphasized in Chapter 93.

Vegeta elaborated on this during the Goku Black arc, highlighting how their adversaries often squandered their energy due to a lack of control. By maintaining a relaxed state outside of combat movements, one could fully utilize their potential.

Gohan using God Ki in the future??!

This realization offers a crucial hint about Gohan’s potential unlocking of God Ki because it is similar to the strategy Goku and Vegeta used in Episode 22 to control divine energy in another dimension. They found freedom of movement by calming their minds and controlling their excessive energy after initially becoming immobile due to its intense pressure.

The God Ki training that Whis and Beerus impart is entirely based on this technique.

Hence, Beerus expressed dissatisfaction at Gohan’s use of regular ki to aspire to the levels of the Gods. He deems Gohan unsuitable for assuming the mantle of the next God of Destruction, primarily due to Gohan’s serious demeanor and reluctance towards violence, as he only engages in battle to safeguard others.

Both Gohan and Broly are poised to harness their beastly potential in tandem with God Ki. With numerous universes yet to be explored, the prospect of a second Tournament of Power, and adversaries like Black Frieza awaiting, their journey promises to be fraught with challenges and opportunities for growth.

Gohan Beast vs Super Saiyan Broly

Speaking of Broly, Goku took one at him and realized he’s itching to lay his hands on Gohan. Kinda reminds me of the two fighting in Broly’s 2nd coming movie.

However in here, Gohan showed no mercy towards Broly, delivering powerful blows that sent him crashing into the ground.

In response, Broly’s S-Cells began to tingle, unleashing a torrent of furious power that momentarily blinded Gohan.

Goku and Vegeta watched with trepidation, fearing Broly’s uncontrollable might might result in the planet’s destruction. Yet, to their astonishment, Broly displayed a newfound ability to raise and manage his power level, a skill reminiscent of Gohan’s own mastery.

Broly proved to be a quick learner, as hinted in Chapter 101 when he held his own against Vegeta. Goku and Whis noted the striking similarities between Broly and Gohan. Both possessed the capacity to surge to incomprehensible levels when pushed to their limits.

In the light novel, it’s revealed that Broly assimilated Vegeta’s movements, techniques, and tactical acumen purely through observation, a feat reminiscent of Goku’s rapid mastery of the Kamehameha after a single demonstration by Roshi.

Similarly, Broly emulated Gohan’s control over his power with remarkable ease, just like in the Broly movie, where he mirrored Goku’s God Bind technique, adapting it to his own.

In the movie, Broly’s potential was vividly demonstrated as he augmented his power by an astonishing 1,250,000 times within a mere two-hour span, eventually matching the formidable Super Saiyan Gogeta.

Conversely, Gohan’s growth was equally impressive. Within just two seconds, he transitioned from Moro’s minions level to rivaling adversaries like Granolah, Gas, Ultra Instinct, and Ultra Ego.

Given how similar the two are, there’s no question that Broly can learn a thing or two from an anger management specialist like Gohan.

Saiyan battle royale

The Saiyans, renowned for their love of combat, found it impossible to contain their enthusiasm. As the fusion between Goten and Trunks dissipated, it became apparent that nearly 30 minutes had elapsed.

Vegeta’s patience wore thin, and he erupted, urging Gohan to engage him in battle. The transformation from a near-extinct warrior race to a harmonious family unit experiencing such a momentous occasion was beyond anyone’s expectations.

Goten and Trunks fighting Broly is a possible callback to Broly’s 2nd coming, the movie while Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta goes toe-to-toe with Gohan Beast.

They all plunged into a miniature battle royale, engaging in combat simultaneously. The intensity of the skirmish left them utterly exhausted, with the exception of Broly, whose Light Novel portrayal depicts him as possessing nearly boundless stamina.

With the Red Ribbon Army liquidating and Carmine heading Red Pharmaceuticals, it’s time to bring forth the waterworks and head over to Goku meeting Pan.

Goku meets Pan after years

This scene instantly reminded me of the days toward the end of Z when Goku and Pan shared an adorable bond. At the World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku acted as Pan’s best buddy, holding her hand as they ventured to buy teddy bears and ice cream. I can’t help but get emotional just recounting these heartwarming moments.

However, amidst Goku’s decision to spend more time on Earth, he inadvertently forgot about his granddaughter. Even Vegeta, not typically known for his paternal instincts, remembered her, highlighting the oversight on Goku’s part.

Did Goku really forget Pan?

It’s worth noting that Saiyans, as repeatedly confirmed by Toriyama, aren’t renowned for their nurturing abilities, so perhaps we shouldn’t solely blame Goku.

Also, there’s a lost-in-translation joke involving Goku mistaking the Japanese meaning of “Pan” (which translates to “bread”) for Piccolo asking him to accompany Gohan to buy bread.

Despite this oversight, even Pan momentarily forgot about Goku, which is understandable considering her infancy. However, their bond quickly solidified when Pan landed a kick on Goku’s arm, marking the beginning of their beautiful relationship. Their connection grew so strong that Pan couldn’t help but shed tears when Goku ultimately departed with Uub.

Yet, perhaps the most poignant moment is when Piccolo bids farewell, almost as if Toriyama himself is saying goodbye to us through his beloved character.

I owe Toriyama a debt of gratitude for all he’s contributed to the world of Dragon Ball. We’ll miss you dearly…