Dragon Ball Super Chapter 100 Concludes The Super Hero Arc With Gohan Beast Killing Cell Max

However, what’s more interesting is that Carmine is still alive, and he’s going back to Red Pharmaceuticals to plan his next move.

After one year of painstakingly waiting every month for new content, the Super Hero arc retelling in the Dragon Ball Super manga has finally ended with the release of Chapter 100.

In this chapter, Gohan Beast unleashes Piccolo’s signature move, the Special Beam Cannon or Makankosappo, to hit Cell Max right in the head and kill him once and for all in a full-on explosion.

Gohan says in this chapter that even Goku and Vegeta wouldn’t be able to defeat Cell Max, and the last time he saw them was in the Moro arc.

So Gohan is basically saying that he’s stronger than Ultra Instinct Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Evolved Vegeta, equipped with Forced Spirit Fission.

Now that’s crazy, not going to lie. But the feats do add up.

Gohan Beast vs Cell Max is the strongest battle in history

Yes. You heard that right! As ridiculous as it sounds, the climactic battle in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero where Cell Max’s huge ki blast clashes with Gohan’s Special Beam Cannon, was packed with so much heat that it has now set the new benchmark in Dragon Ball’s power scaling.

This was confirmed by promo material after the movie’s release.

Gohan Beast & Orange Piccolo vs Cell Max - the strongest battle in history (as of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero)

Source: YouTube

The manga confirmed that Cell Max’s power was constantly increasing as his chaotic mind got used to his body and gaged his targets. And the final ki blast was the strongest ki emission anybody has ever seen.

So much so that the Light Novel adaptation of the movie claims that the huge ball of ki was as dangerous as a black hole!

“That dark ball, expanding before his eyes, became so massive that it started to cover the very surface of the Earth. Generating a gigantic vortex, the debris in the vicinity was being rapidly sucked up by the gravity pull of Cell Max’s ball of ki. It was just big enough that he could lift it in his right hand, but the ball had such gravitational pull that it could be equated to an all-engulfing black hole, and it was absorbing energy from its surroundings, raising its power ever higher.”

Cell Max's strongest attack Dragon Ball Super

(Cell Max’s gigantic ball of Ki)

According to the story, Gohan was the only one who could stop it. After unleashing his Beast mode, Gohan has become the strongest warrior in the Universe.

Gohan's description for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Source: Twitter

But would Gohan have defeated Cell Max if Piccolo and the others weren’t there to keep the Kaiju at bay? Yes, because Gohan has been confirmed to be THE STRONGEST. Cell Max’s punch, which caused a lot of damage to Orange Piccolo and the Gammas, couldn’t even go past Gohan Beast’s AURA, let alone harm him in any fashion.

(DBS Chapter 99)

According to Toriyama, imperfect Cell Max wouldn’t be able to defeat even Broly. And it is confirmed at the end of the Moro arc that Goku and Vegeta have surpassed Broly. So, if Gohan is stronger than Moro arc Goku and Vegeta, then he’s naturally stronger than Broly and, in turn, Cell Max.

After the battle concludes, we see Pan running towards her loving father, Piccolo smiling at Gohan’s progress, Krillin and 18 hesitatingly witness Bulma recruiting Dr. Hedo and Gamma 1 to work in Capsule Corp’s cosmetics department.

However, Gohan wasn’t the only one who got a dub after a long time.

Vegeta finally defeated Goku in a fight

This is a huge W for Vegeta fans and Dragon Ball fans in general. Watching this in theaters was really a treat.

Vegeta was reminding Goku how fighters like Jiren, Frieza, Gas, and Broly were better than them, despite having similar levels of physical strength. And that is because they’re able to control their Ki by containing their stamina and relaxing their bodies when they’re not in the heat of battle.

But, when that moment arrives, they’re able to spike their Ki enough to inflict damage, thereby avoiding unnecessary movements and wastage of energy.

Vegeta realized this and decided to use it to the best of his ability against Goku in a sparring match. Beerus noticed that the quality of Vegeta’s movements had improved.

(DBS Chapter 93)

And he can gauge Vegeta’s growth in power because he has fought with him 3 times.

Most of Vegeta’s fight with Goku wasn’t shown on screen, but in this chapter, we come towards the climax, where we see Goku falling to the ground, admitting to his rival that he has indeed lost.

Vegeta defeats Goku in Dragon Ball Super Super Hero

(Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film)

Although the Prince of all Saiyans has technically defeated Goku twice—once in the Saiyan Saga in his Great Ape form and the other in the Majin Buu Saga—he has not defeated him in a way that Goku could admit.

It seems like Vegeta is on the right path to power after all. Unfortunately for him, though, Beerus and Whis didn’t care. However, Broly and Lemo were so moved that they began to cry profusely LMAO. True Vegeta fans for real.

However, what’s more interesting in the manga adaptation of the Super Hero arc is that we see Carmine, Magenta’s right-hand man, still alive and says he’s going back to Red Pharmaceuticals to plan his next move.

Carmine aims to get his revenge against Gohan and the Dragon Team

We see Carmine leaning onto a Soldier, the one who tried to kidnap Pan, in pain and inform them of their next move:

Now, why is this important, you ask?

Remember when Goku in the Red Ribbon Army arc in OG Dragon Ball said that he had not killed ALL of its members because some of them ran away?

Well, one of them was Dr. Gero and you know how that turned out to be…

Similarly, Carmine could go back to Red Pharmaceuticals and whip up an even stronger Android, thanks to Dr. Gero’s blueprints in his custody.

Some fans speculate it could be Android 21, but I really doubt that’s the case, but they’re certainly in the right direction. Nevertheless, the editor’s comment at the end of the chapter says the battle against the RRA is over, but the superheroes aren’t done yet!

This could parallel the climax of the Red Ribbon Army Saga. When commander Red died, his right-hand man, officer Black, took over and activated their strongest contraption to defeat Goku.

Since Carmine is the equivalent of Officer Black, what if he comes back with his own contraption in an attempt to destroy Capsule Corp?

The battle against the RRA is over, but with Carmine’s existence, the battle against the Red Pharmaceuticals could commence. Maybe there’s a backup plan made by Magenta in case he fails?

There’s another translation of the comment which says the battle on Earth is over. And that could mean something different.

This could mean Goten and Trunks travel to different planets and face another threat. The possibilities seem endless. What do you think of the next arc of Dragon Ball Super? Text us your thoughts on our Twitter account!