Does Genya Shinazugawa Die In Demon Slayer?

While Genya has survived so far, the question is…

Does Genya Shinauzgawa die in demon slayer featured
Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc

Genya stole the spotlight in the new Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc and fans have been loving it!

His unique fighting style combined with the goriness of the fight has garnered special attention.

After all, he should’ve died multiple times by now! However, his ability has helped him survive so far.

But, is Genya fated to die at the hands of the Upper moons?

Will Genya Die in Demon Slayer Season 3?

So far, Genya has had his vital spot pierced by Aizetsu’s spear, causing him to bleed profusely. While most humans, even Hashiras would’ve succumbed to the injury, Genya didn’t.

This is because he possesses the unique ability to acquire a demon’s powers temporarily by consuming their fresh and living flesh.


This is what causes his physical transformation, making him resemble a demon.

It is due to this extraordinary ability that Genya has been able to remain a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, even though he cannot use Total Concentration Breathing techniques.

Genya will also team up with Tanjiro and Nezuko to fight the Upper Moon 4 demon. If it weren’t for Tanjiro’s analytical abilities, Genya might have died here!

However, this doesn’t mean that he wasn’t strong, as after gaining powers from the demon itself, Genya was able to deal great damage and played a crucial role.

While Genya has survived so far, the question is…

Will Genya Die By The End Of Demon Slayer?

During the Infinity Castle arc, Genya faced off against Kokushibo, who held the position of Upper Moon 1 demon.

In this intense battle, Genya played a vital role in halting Kokushibo by devouring the demon’s hair, thereby acquiring his powers.

genya vs kokushibo

Despite sustaining severe slashes from Kokushibo’s attacks, Genya’s consumption of the hair enabled him to regenerate instantaneously.

Additionally, he also ingested Kokushibo’s sword, which was constructed from the demon’s own flesh.

He shot a bullet that had two effects: it caused damage to Kokushibo and also caused roots to grow, ensnaring him and preventing his escape.

As a result, Gyomei and Sanemi were able to deliver the final strike to Kokushibo, ultimately leading to his death.

Unfortunately, Genya couldn’t survive his injuries, and as Sanemi held him, his body disintegrated. The Wind Hashira was overwhelmed with grief as he watched his brother pass away right in front of him.

After all, Sanemi worked hard and became a Hashira to protect Genya.

While the fate of Genya wasn’t what fans might have wanted to see, he managed to create a huge impact.