Did Sukuna Kill Mahoraga? Can Megumi Summon it again?

Sukuna used his redacted technique and unleashed his flames, killing the Shikigami.

Sukuna vs Mahoraga FI
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In chapter 118 of Jujutsu Kaisen, fans got to witness the fight between the strongest Shikigami of the Ten Shadows Technique, Divine General Mahoraga, and the King of the Curses, Ryomen Sukuna.

It was one of the most interesting fights of the Shibuya Incident Arc.

So what were the results? What happened in the fight? We will cover all of it in this article.

First, let’s understand how this fight began.

Why Did Megumi Summoned Mahoraga?

In chapter 114, after reincarnated Toji kills himself, Megumi gets attacked by Haruta Shigemo on the back.

Megumi already had a grave injury after his fight with Toji, and this attack from Haruta had put him in a difficult spot.

He knew that he wouldn’t be able to defeat the cursed user and would get killed. So in chapter 117, he decided to unleash his strongest Shikigami Mahoraga.

The reality is that Megumi has not yet tamed Mahoraga. Tamed? Are these Shikigami or dogs? And why should it matter?

So for those who don’t know how Megumi’s Ten Shadow Technique works, you can check out our article on that.

Although we will explain it here in short.

At the start, a Ten Shadow user only gets the divine dogs and needs to tame every other Shikigami to be able to control them, in our case, the user is Megumi.

If Megumi wants to claim control over other Shikigami, he will have to start a ritual and defeat the Shikigami.

Furthermore, if Megumi also makes someone else part of the ritual, for example, Yuji, then either of them can defeat the shikigami, and Megumi will gain control over the shikigami.

Megumi explains TST

However, if someone who was not part of the ritual, an outsider, defeats the Shikigami, then the ritual will become void and the Shikigami will not get tamed.

This is exactly what Megumi did after getting cornered. He summoned Mahoraga, a Shikigami he had not tamed and made Haruta part of the ritual.

So to complete the ritual, Mahoraga would need to kill both Megumi and Haruta.

But why Mahoraga?

Divine General Mahoraga is the strongest Shikigami available to a Ten Shadow user, not only that, this Shikigami can adapt to any and all phenomena.

It means that once he gets hit by an attack, he will adapt itself and it’s cursed energy to create a favorable situation for itself.

What’s more, till now, no Ten Shadow Technique user has ever tamed Mahoraga, so Megumi was sure that even though he would die, Haruta wouldn’t be able to defeat it.

Alright, so Megumi summoned Mahoraga to kill Haruta.

Then how did Sukuna get tangled with it? And was Sukuna able to kill Mahoraga?

Did Sukuna Kill Mahoraga?

In short, yes, Sukuna defeated Mahorage, but how and why?

When Megumi summoned Mahoraga, Mahoraga landed a direct hit on Megumi. The hit was fatal enough to kill Megumi, but as Haruta was still alive, Megumi was in a state of suspended death.

This meant that if Haruta was killed, Megumi would die.

At the same time, Sukuna had just defeated Jugo and met Uraumi. Suddenly, he senses Megumi’s cursed energy dwindle and rushes towards him, saving Haruta just in time.

Sukuna stops near Megumi and starts using the reverse cursed technique on the unconscious sorcerer.

He quickly understands Megumi’s state and Haruta’s importance for Megumi to survive.

The King of Curse is also knowledgeable about Megumi’s cursed technique. He also understands that he will need to kill Mahoraga to make the ritual void.

Thus began the fight between the King of Curses and the strongest Shikigami of the Ten Shadow Technique.

As the fight begins, the Shikigami attacks Sukuna with its sword imbued with positive energy, but as Sukuna is not a cursed spirit, it doesn’t affect him.

Sukuna then attacks Shikigami with his dismantle technique, but Shikigami heals, and the wheel above him ticks.

he then attacked again with a dismantle, but Shikigami deflected the attack as if he could see it. Sukuna also gets surprised and excited.

Mahoraga then hits Sukuna, but this time imbuing his attack with negative cursed energy, sending Sukuna flying.

The Shikigami then tries to attack again, but Sukuna dodges and cuts the Shikigami’s face with a dismantle again.

And exactly like Sukuna guessed, the wheel ticks again, and the shikigami stands up. He then deduces that Mahoraga has the ability to adapt to any and all phenomena.

Sukuna then unleashes his domain, the Malevolent Shrine.

Malevolent Shrine

The domain unleashes countless slashes on everything inside it, decimating everything within it. The whole 150-meter region of Shibuya gets flattened by Sukuna’s domain.

Sukuna deduces that Mahoraga can only be killed when attacked by a new attack strong enough to kill it before Mahoraga adapts.

Thus, his domain was perfect, where anything with cursed energy got cut “cleave,” an attack Sukuna had not yet used against Mahoraga.

The King of the Curses was doubtful of this work, as it was possible that Mahoraga had not only adapted to dismantle but to slashes in general.

So before Mahoraga got to heal itself, Sukuna used his redacted technique and unleashed his flames, killing the Shikigami.

Can Megumi Summon Mahoraga Again?

Some of you might be asked if Sukuna killed Mahoraga. Will Sukuna be able to summon it again?

And the answer to it is yes!

Yes, he can be summoned again. As Mahoraga was not yet tamed and was summoned as a part of the exorcism ritual, it can be summoned again.

Furthermore, any Shikigami summoned for the exorcism ritual can be summoned as many times as required, until tamed. Once tamed, if it gets killed by the enemy, it is lost forever.

Similar to what happened to Megumi’s Great Serpent when Sukuna killed it.