Demon Slayer: Kyojuro Rengoku’s Flame Breathing Explained!

Flame Breathing is used by the Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku!

Demon Slayer

The characters in Demon Slayer use a certain type of ability to vanquish demons: Breathing Styles.

These breathing styles are what give the anime a unique flare, as it creates fast-moving and vibrant visuals in its own unique form!

One such technique is the Flame Breathing, used by the Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku!

Kyojuro showed off the technique in the Mugen Train Arc and since then, fans have come to love the breathing style!

So, we decided to list all the Flame Breathing forms in Demon Slayer!

Rengoku’s Flame Breathing Forms Explained:

Firstly, there are nine techniques under the Flame Breathing form. However, only six forms are known.

1) First Form: Unkowing Fire:

The first form of Flame Breathing, called Unkowing Fire is as straightforward as attacking someone could get.

Rengoku Flame Breathing First Form Unkowing Fire

Rengoku dashes towards his target at a very high speed and strikes their neck with a single horizontal slash for a quick victory!

2) Second Form: Rising Scorching Sun:

The second form of Flame Breathing follows the basics of sword-fighting too!

Second Form Rising Scorching Sun Rengoku breathing style explained

Rising Scorching Sun is an upward-vertical slash. Rengoku brings it up from his tail guard, forming a perfect arc in the process.

While this technique is an eye-candy to look at, especially in the anime. Unfortunately, it isn’t strong enough to deal with the Upper Moon demons, as seen in Rengoku’s fight against Akaza.

3) Third Form: Blazing Universe:

Following the basics, the third form: Blazing Universe is the opposite of the second form.

Third Form Blazing Universe

It’s a downward vertical slash, brought down with full force from a high guard.

Like the second form, it can annihilate almost all demons, except for the far stronger ones like Akaza.

The downward strike is a great way to stun an enemy and a great opening attack too!

4) Fourth Form: Blooming Flame Undulation

With his fourth form, Rengoku steps up his game by using a very versatile form of attacking.

Fourth Form Blooming Flame Undulation Rengoku Breathing Style (1)


Fourth Form: Blooming Flame Undulation allows Kyojuro to attack and go at defense at the same time!

This incredibly complex technique is achieved by swinging the blade in a circular motion.

5) Fifth Form: Flame Tiger

Flame Breathing’s fifth form, known as Flame Tiger, is designed precisely for the purpose of dealing with demons who have survived everything else.

Fifth Form Flame Tiger Rengoku breathing style

Not only does this technique offer the necessary precision to expose the demon’s defenses, but it also delivers a visually stunning spectacle.

It allows adversaries to witness its magnificence before being completely obliterated by its immense power.

6) Ninth Form: Rengoku

An original form by Rengoku, this is the pinnacle of Flame Breathing.

Similar to the first form, “Rengoku” is a slashing attack executed by the user while swiftly closing in on a demon.

Ninth Form Rengoku Flame Breathing

However, its sheer power is so tremendous that it can create a substantial crater upon impact.

To emphasize the overwhelming devastation caused by this technique, the adaptation of Demon Slayer portrays a dragon wreathed in flames, generated as the user dashes towards their opponent at remarkable speed.

Undoubtedly, it ranks among the most potent techniques showcased throughout the entire series.

However, this technique also serves as a stark reminder of the vast power difference between the Hashira and the Twelve Kizuki.

Despite enduring a relentless assault from this technique, Akaza managed to endure and even deliver a fatal blow to his opponent.

Still, Ninth Form: Rengoku is a marvel to witness!