Boruto: Blue Vortex Chapter 2: Boruto’s New Rasengan!

Boruto shows off his Kenjutsu in the chapter.

brouto blue vortex manga colored
Color by @cyborgworks

The second chapter of Boruto: Blue Vortex is here, and fans are hyped! Just when we started believing that we’re getting Kawaki vs Boruto instantly,  Code decided to be annoying yet again, sticking his nose in matters he doesn’t belong. 

Code has released an army of upgraded Claw Grimes. These are essentially Fission Beings from Naruto Shippuden; aka those Ten-Tails protrusions from Naruto Shippuden!

Code and Boruto then converse with each other, with Boruto stating that he didn’t expect Code to show up so early. The fake Otsutsuk tries to be sly by countering that Boruto just had to show up earlier! 

Boruto directly threatens Code to retreat right now, or else, he won’t be spared. 

Code is surprised by Boruto’s claim, because he would’ve killed Boruto if it wasn’t for KAWAKI two years ago! But Boruto claps back, stating that he won’t get away with just one eye lost!

Boruto then gives orders to Sarada, telling her to save the people who are affected by the attack. Sarada knows that Boruto is clearly on a different wavelength than before, and asks Boruto if he’s all right. 

Boruto dodges the question, and asks her to stay alive. 

Meanwhile, his former comrades, the Ino-Shika-Cho trio are fighting the Claw Grimes, and Cho Cho is beating them down. Suddenly, a Claw Grime manages to teleport through a claw mark and sneak up on Cho Cho!

Inojin and Himawari gladly save her just in time, only to be caught by a surprise attack themselves. 

Inojin uses himself as a shield to protect Himawari, but Kawaki jumps in his to save his sister. Himawari then thanks him while calling him his big brother, as he is “Boruto” now.

kawaki boruto blue vortex

Kawaki strictly tells Himawari to stop calling him his brother, even explaining that he has asked her to not do so on several occasions. 

It’s apparent that Kawaki feels a lot of guilt and sadness for Boruto’s current state, after all, he was the person in his shoes before.

We then see how worried he is about Himawari  in fact, Kawaki is worried to the point that he doesn’t even notice the Claw Grime sneak up on him.

It calls him an Ohtsutsuki as Kawaki gets smashed into the ground.

This Grime is like the leader or a higher-ranked Claw Grime, as it has a Rinnegan and is even stronger!

Gladly, Shikadai is quick to react to the situation and holds the supreme Claw Grime down, Kawaki states that he hates nothing more than being called an Otsutsuki before one-shotting that guy, blowing his torso off.

As more of them show up, Kawaki declares that it doesn’t matter how many of them show up, he will exterminate all of them.

The chapter then takes us back to Boruto, who’s facing Code.

brouto vs code boruto blue vortex manga

The grimes attack Boruto, but he manages to slice through one with insane speed.

Boruto was so far that my the time the clone was cut, his sword was back in his his scabbard! Boruto continues to make quick work of about a dozen of these Grimes, making Code realize that he isn’t just bluffing.

Boruto then threatens Code again, and this time, to take him to the Ten-Tails. He states that Code doesn’t know of the “horrors” of the Ten-Tails, but Code states that what Boruto belives to the worst future is his objective.

In between, we also see Sarada make quick work of some Grimes before getting caught off guard, only to be saved by a shinobi who is suddenly stuck on a Claw Grime who turns into a tree.

Coming back to Boruto and Code, the former states that killing Code is an easy task, but he wants to make some use of his opponent before killing him.

When Code declines, Boruto starts to make his move, he starts creating a Rasengan, but it’s a new type of Rasengan, called “Uzuhiko”!

The chapter ends here, no break next month.