Who is Toji Fushiguro in Jujutsu Kaisen? Why did he leave Megumi behind?

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Jujutsu Kaisen

Toji Fushiguro is one of the coolest characters in Jujutsu Kaisen. He is handsome, strong, and badass! But, fans are wondering who exactly he is, how did he become a sorcerer and why did he leave his son behind?

In this article, we’ll discuss the life of Toji Fushiguro in detail. 

Who is Toji Fushiguro? 

Originally born as Toji Zenin, Toji was a part of the Zenin clan. While the name of his parents is unknown, we do know that one was Naobito’s sibling. 

There aren’t many details pertaining to Toji’s life prior to leaving the clan. What’s obvious is that Toji was not treated fairly among the zenin clan, due to him not having any cursed energy. 

Once, he was tossed into the Zenin family’s pit of cursed spirits as a child, resulting in a permanent scar on his face. What’s obvious is that Toji was not treated fairly by the Zenin clan. This was due to his lack of cursed energy. 

However, he was different from Maki in the sense that he could always see curses. Still, due to his heavenly restriction, he lacked cursed energy. And, to kill one, he had to rely on cursed tools. 

We can assume that he was a part of the Kukuru Unit, the group of male Zenin clan members who did not have innate techniques. Of course, he most likely shined in this group until he decided to subjugate the clan, just like Maki did. 

Toji Fushiguro

During this time, Naoya Zenin’s interest in Toji kept growing. He would follow the man around and see what he was up to. This was because the family would keep calling Toji garbage, and yet, Naoya could feel power radiate from the man. 

Toji was a womanizer as well, jumping from one woman to another frequently. He once had a child with an unknown wife, not even bothering to know the sex of the child! Sometime later, Toji married Tsumuki Fushiguro’s mother and adopted the Fushiguro name. 

By this time, he had another son, Megumi, whose mother had passed away. Megumi once said that this pair separated quickly too. However, Megumi and Tsumuki remained close as step-siblings. 

Around this time, Toji went to Naobito to put up an offer for Megumi. According to the offer, Megumi was to be sold for 7 million yen if he gained a technique. If Megumi were to inherit one of the family’s techniques, then for 8 million yen.

This was Toji’s way of giving Megumi a chance to prosper, unlike himself who was hated by the clan. He probably thought that Megumi would be treated like Naoya, who was given special treatment because of his talent. 

Toji’s Life as the “Sorcerer Killer”:

After leaving the clan, Toji took on the role of a sorcerer slayer. He would take different assassination jobs for money while being a womanizer. He was even assigned to kill Riko, the Star Plasma Vessel for Tengen. 

Speaking of the Riko assassination, Toji’s role was pivotal to the future of the Jujutsu world. His actions caused events to begin to happen like a domino effect. 

Toji took the Riko job request from the Star Religious Group; The Time Vessel Association, a group of Non-Curse Users who worship Tengen and want him to ascend into his “pure” form. 

By this time, Toji was already an established Sorcerer killer, moving covertly while completing assassinations. Since Gojo Satoru was the one protecting Riko, Toji had to come up with a master plan.

The meticulous planning of Toji’s actions led him into his final battle as the sorcerer killer, but he went out like a badass! 

He took down Gojo and Geto and completed his hired assignment of killing Riko. After defeating Geto, Toji mocked all of them by saying “Even with all your blessings, you still lost to a monkey without Jujutsu”, creating the Toji & Sun Wu Kong comparisons. 

This is also where Geto got the saying “monkey” for non-sorcerers once he turned against the jujutsu school. Oddly, using the word “blessing” made Toji remember Megumi, mentioning that his name meant blessing too, and that he was the one who gave it to him. 

Toji takes Riko’s body to the time vessel association headquarters, receives his payment, and heads off to continue his life as the sorcerer killer. 


But, Gojo managed to get up. And, a second battle between the strongest sorcerer and the sorcerer killer began. 

Due to Toji’s first win, Gojo felt the core of cursed energy. He was able to learn reversed cursed technique and heal all his wounds. Unlocking this turned him into the Gojo Satoru we know in the present story, making him officially unbeatable. Toji felt uneasy while facing him, thinking to himself how Gojo is the strongest sorcerer alive. Gojo used Hollow Purple, putting a giant hole in Toji’s left side. 

At that moment, Toji thinks to himself about how he wanted to discredit the power he saw before him, to entirely crush both the pinnacle of the jujutsu world and the zenin family itself. 

He wanted this for self-affirmation, which caused him to deviate from his true self. To be proud of neither himself nor others, the author draws in Megumi being held by his mother in Toji’s perspective. 

This can be interpreted as Toji saying that he never wanted to become a prideful person like the Zenin Clan, yet the loss of Megumi’s mother was too much for him. Leading him to leave Megumi with the Zenin Clan so he would have a true home, due to his potential. 

Gojo asks for Toji’s final words. At first, he was going to say nothing. But he then thinks of Megumi, and tells Gojo about Megumi’s selling to the Zenin Clan two or three years from that moment, saying “do as you please” and dies. 

Revival in Shibuya

While Toji died a beautiful death, his story wasn’t over! Toji was revived for a short period of time during the Shibuya arc!

A granny curse user who was hired by Kenjaku for the sealing of Gojo had a seance ability that she used on her “grandson”. This technique lets her summon the body and/or soul of a dead person and use their technique and physical capabilities. 

Someone this old lady knew had Toji’s blood, probably because she was an assassin of the same kind, revealed from her small flashback about Gojo. 

While this technique lets one use the abilities of the dead, Toji came back alive due to his heavenly restriction! His body overrode the technique’s effects, making him take over the grandson and have his body back to its full capacity. 

Toji Revived

Toji kills the Granny who summoned him. Then, he runs off, running into Megumi, Nanami, Maki, and Naobito while they were fighting the special grade curse Dagon. 

Because Megumi had opened a hole in Dagon’s domain, Toji was able to come in and kill Dagon. Due to the granny curse user’s CE and Toji entering a high-level domain, he entered a berserk doll state, aiming for the strongest around, hence going after Dagon relentlessly. 

He then snatches Megumi and takes him outside to fight one on one. This takes the two into an alleyway where Megumi tries to trick Toji to stab him, but it doesn’t work. 

Miraculously, Toji snaps back into his senses, most likely from no longer being in Dagon’s domain, and recognizes Megumi instantly. 

This is when we get more details on how Toji wants a better life for Megumi and the context of his selling. 

Toji asks Megumi his name, and he leads with “Fushiguro”. Toji instantly stabs himself with the Playful Cloud saying “not Zenin, huh? Good for you.”, and dies again, but this time, in front of his son.