Analyzing Hunter X Hunter Manga’s Ending As Revealed By Togashi

The author of HxH reveals a world where Hunters are the most sought after occupation and even mothers push their child into becoming one.

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Hunter X Hunter is notorious for being on hiatus for as long as we could remember, earning the nickname “Hiatus X Hiatus” from the fandom. As Togashi’s health continues to deteriorate even further, he decided to reveal THE ENDING of his manga on a random Japanese reality show.

You might be thinking, “Why would he do that? He has worked on this manga for over 26 years, risking his wellbeing and sanity. Why would he just throw all that away by revealing the ending??”

Well, fear not, cause’ he only revealed a version of the ending that he scrapped off.

According to the author, he had made 4 possible endings for Hunter X Hunter, naming them scenarios “a”, “b”, “c” and “d”, with “a” ranked higher in terms of reader satisfaction and so forth.

However, Togashi also mentions that if he happens to die before completing his manga, readers should take ending “d” as the ACTUAL ENDING.

This is the stuff of nightmare for Hunter X Hunter fans man.

Hunter X Hunter ending explained: Gon’s grandchild doesn’t want to become a hunter??!

Ending “d” is basically a character study of Gon, Ging and their offspring, while at the same time bringing realism into the picture of “what if the idea of Hunters exists in the real world” sort of like “The Boys” being a take on “what if superheroes were real.”

In this ending, Gon somehow got back his ability to channelize Nen, survived Togashi’s 5 arcs after the election arc, got married to Noko, who by the way, was the ONLY other child on the island, giving Gon not much of a choice, then giving birth to a baby and that baby got older and produced their old child by the name of Gin.

(Gon talks about Noko to Killua in chapter 64)

Now, Togashi is playing opposites here cause’ he created Gin and her mother, a pair that exists on the opposite side of Gon and aunt Mito.

While Gon caught a huge-ass fish to convince an anxious Mito to let him leave Whale Island and embark on a journey to become a Hunter, Gin did the very same thing but used that as an excuse to STAY on her island, much to her mother’s dismay.

Back in the day, a mother would have rarely encouraged their child to become a hunter, just like with Mito and Gon as she was scared for his safety and how lonely a hunter and his family would become.

However, this ending claims that mothers have changed and instead, are pestering their children to take on their ancestor’s professions, even, like becoming a doctor or an engineer in the modern-day world.

This would mean that hunters are seen in a much more positive light than before and maybe it has gotten easier to become one too because, to be a hunter is just to pursue your dreams to explore the world and discover new things.

No sane mother would encourage their child to take on such a dangerous profession if this meaning hasn’t changed in the decades since Gon took the exam.

Just look at Pokemon. Even Ash’s mother was extremely worried about him going on a journey alone, and that world ain’t so scary as the world of Hunter X Hunter.

Perhaps due to the dark continent expedition of the past, there is a greater level of prosperity in the known world through the various miracles found there.

Like the unnamed rock that can generate electricity when placed under water, it can power an entire house for years. Or the herb found during the expedition led by the United states of Saherta that can cure all diseases.

With successful expeditions and probably a permanent colony being present in the dark continent through the new Kakin empire, the world has entered a new age, where a hunter’s desire was the reason for such advancement to the world, making the job of a hunter sought after more than ever before.

Gin’s mom continues talking to her husband, presumably Gon’s son, saying that she still has hope Gin will leave the island some day, just like her grandpa.

Again, much to her dismay, her husband finds it amusing and tells her to let their daughter do what she wants to be. He ain’t so worried because he knows that Gin shares Gon’s skillsets right from age 12 and can survive this cruel world, even if she’s technically not a hunter.

A hunter is not just a profession but a way of life. In some sense, we’re all hunters in a way, doing stuff that drives you to wake up in the morning every day, discovering new places and people while making a living out of it.

Sure, the real world isn’t as utopic as the world presented in anime, but c’mon, aren’t deadly viruses and animals living outside your island part of your average nightmare? Even Noko found Gon’s constant absence to be deeply upsetting, and she couldn’t stand him babbling on about the “wonders” of being a hunter. This image of Noko convinced Gin that she should stay on the island with her boyfriend.

(Noko from Hunter X Hunter)

Nobody should be forced to do a certain occupation, including Gin. And I think that’s what Togashi is driving at. He’s taking a laid-back approach to life through Gon’s granddaughter, as she is trying to show that to lead a good life, you don’t have to be a hunter.

Someone who just wants to hunt happiness together with their family is just as big of a hunter as someone who wants to go to the dark continent to catch immortal diseases!

This ending is kind of like Togashi’s own feelings in life, where, in Yu Yu Hakusho, he was very tired by the end. He said he had exhausted everything the characters had to offer, so it wasn’t as fun anymore.

Maybe by the end, he will have exhausted everything about the world of Hunter X Hunter, as we all know the world itself is a character in this story. So even with a fresh new generation of characters, the story just wouldn’t be the same.

But that doesn’t mean Togashi is neglecting the potential of the next generation. What Gin’s father hopes is that she finds her OWN activity she’s passionate about, while making use of her exceptional skills, thereby excelling at what she does and making her own living out of it.

That’s the core essence of what a hunter is all about. And Gon knows this, as he smiles at the bird that watches over his granddaughter, meaning that he’s proud of her and her decision to stay back on the island, making him to think “What if Kite didn’t show up that day? Would I not become a hunter as well?”

Dreaming about what-ifs is another headache altogether, so I’ll stop here. Until next time!